Plants Blooming Now In Southern California

Notes on the Wildflower Season in Southern California
Southern and Eastern California
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Southern and Eastern California

Native Plants in Natural Areas These are dynamic pages, always changing with new updates. Some don't get started till the wildflowers bloom! Others are as ephemeral as the blooms themselves.

Plants Blooming in the San Gabriel Mountains

Wildflower Locations in the SGM

Plants Blooming Now in the San Gabriel Mountains

Bloom Identification Guide (Plants Blooming in 2000)

Relation Of Culinary Plants To SGM Plants

Plants Blooming In The San Gabriel Mountains - 1999

Plants Blooming In The San Gabriel Mountains - 1997 and 1998 Observations

Jane Strong's Noticeable Butterflies of the Front Range of the San Gabriel Mountains

Labelled Native Plants in Artificially Irrigated Settings

These are static sites where you can go and check out the plants by name or get help identifying what you saw.

Central and Northern California

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