Flora of San Jacinto Mountain

The only published flora of San Jacinto Mountain is for the pine belt and higher elevations (above roughly 5000 - 7000 feet elevation) by Harvey Monroe Hall in 1902:

I have been working on the Flora of the High Elevations of San Jacinto Mountain since 2002, joined by Dave Stith in 2006. Most of that work is reported in the checklists for individual areas linked from Plants of Southern California: Regional Floras: San Jacinto Mountain.

We haven't yet compiled all of those lists into a single family-order list, but we have compiled a checklist in alphabetical order by scientific name, with the min and max elevation we have recorded for each species. This list comes from a partial digitization of our data, and is complete only down to 9000 feet elevation. However, it is fairly complete down to 5000 feet elevation.

Back in 2006, I also compiled Voucher Coverage for the San Jacinto Mountain area. This is incomplete, since the digitization of vouchers was quite incomplete at that time, but it was the best that could be done at the time. The analysis on that page is interesting, and probably still correct.

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