Flora of Northeast Vallecito Mountains and Adjacent Lower Borrego Valley

Panorama of the entrance to the Elephant Tree Area, which is the alluvial fan beyond the gap between the low hills on the left and right. Above the alluvial fan is the main mass of the Vallecito Mountains in the distance. The photograph was taken from Split Mountain Road at the San Diego / Imperial County Line about six miles south of Ocotillo Wells, looking west, on 1 December 2009. The dirt road to the Elephant Tree Discovery Trail is in the foreground.

See also a panorama of six photographs looking north and east from the lower end of Starfish Cove taken on 27 December 2009. The largest green blotches on the hillside in that panorama are Elephant Trees.

Michael Charters' Photo Galleries from 11 March 2010 and 13 February 2010 contain many beautiful photographs from this area.

The Checklist has been updated from all 10 days of fieldwork through 21 February 2013, but the text has not yet been updated. 11 additional species have been included from a survey of a nearby area of the Fish Creek Mountains



This checklist is a start at a true flora of the northeast Vallecito Mountains and the adjacent Lower Borrego Valley.

There are several botanical highlights of the flora here, which we will detail in the future. Perhaps the most interesting is that so far our surveys have not found a single non-native species in Alma Canyon and Alma Wash, nor are there any vouchers of non-native species there. The closest non-native species found so far are along Split Mountain Road near Ocotillo Wells. However, since we haven't botanized this area in prime time, we may yet find a few non-native species.

The Vallecito Mountains are somewhat curiously defined. The Vallecito Mountains, the Pinyon Mountains, and the North Pinyon Mountains form a fairly clear mountainous block, and hence logically should have a single name. But somehow the northwestern part of this block has been given the separate names of the Pinyon Mountains and the North Pinyon Mountains.

As a result, the Vallecito Mountains consist of a northeastern portion and a southern portion. The southern portion of the Vallecito Mountains trends mostly east-west, from Whale Peak on the west to Split Mountain on the east, with Hapaha Flat in the middle.

The northeastern portion is sandwiched between the Pinyon Mountains and Yaqui Ridge to the west, and the Fish Creek Mountains to the east. This northeastern portion trends northwest to southeast, following the fault along the southern edge of Lower Borrego Valley. It includes Sunset Mountain, Harper Canyon, Harper Flat, Starfish Cove, and the Elephant Tree Area.

In this flora, we include the adjacent portion of Lower Borrego Valley south of Old Kane Spring Road and west of Split Mountain Road. The Cactus Garden area at the mouth of Harper Canyon is in this area.

Although we haven't settled on exact boundaries of this area, our current concept is described in words as follows, and shown on the first map below. The northern boundary of this area is Old Kane Spring Road, and the eastern boundary is Split Mountain Road to Split Mountain. The southeastern boundary is roughly along a line from Split Mountain to the southeastern edge of the Mescal Bajada. Southeast of Harper Flat, this southeastern boundary is the same as the boundary used by Gander in his Floristic Regions of San Diego County to separate the Borrego Desert area from the Vallecito Area.

The northeastern boundary will probably be something like the southeastern edge of the Mescal Bajada to the junction of SR78 and Old Kane Spring Road. The area northwest of this northeastern boundary probably is better associated with The Narrows and Mescal Bajada, since that area drains into those regions.

The elevation of this area ranges from the benchmark elevation of 67 feet at Split Mountain Road just north of Halfhill Lake (see second map below) to 3657 feet at Sunset Mountain. Almost the entire area drains to the Lower Borrego Valley and then the Salton Sea via northeast or east-flowing drainages. In this respect, this area is similar to the Extreme Northeast San Diego County area.

The species on this checklist come from three sources:

The floristic area denoted here is plotted in the following large-scale map:

Voucher locations from this area and nearby are plotted as blue diamonds. The northwest group of vouchers come from the Cactus Garden area; the northeast group from the Old Kane Spring / Split Mountain Road area; the extreme southeast group is at Fish Creek near Split Mountain Road; and the southwest group is from the Dave McCain Spring Area northeast of Hapaha Flat. Future revisions of this checklist will probably remove the southwest group, if they are outside our final choice of the floral area boundary.

The vouchers within the rectangle outlined in black are from the Alma Canyon / Alma Wash area from Starfish Cove on the west and the Elephant Tree Area on the east. The rectangle gives the approximate location of the detail map shown below.

Voucher Records

The vouchers come from a search on 29 November 2009 of the Consortium of California Herbaria.

The Consortium records were searched for vouchers with coordinates between 33.027 and 33.126° N. Latitude, and -116.259 and -116.083 E. Longitude. Localities of those vouchers were examined, and additional searches were made to find ones in San Diego County from those localities, including Starfish Cove; Elephant Tree; Kane Springs Road. The detailed localities of those vouchers were examined and ones not definitely in the target area were eliminated. In particular, I eliminated all vouchers whose localities placed them as being along SR78. (A few vouchers plot on SR78 east of Ocotillo Wells, but their localities are Old Kane Springs Road which is probably different.)

339 vouchers were found of 148 taxa. Four collectors were responsible for 243 (72%) of those vouchers:

# VouchersCollector
96Jon Rebman, Larry Hendrickson
69Frank F. Gander
49Joe Barth
29Margaret R. Mulligan, Thomas Rottler

December 2009 Field Surveys

We compiled separate detailed plant checklists for all species encountered along the four routes shown in the following map:

The approximate location of this detail map is given by the rectangle outlined by black in the large-scale map near the top of this page.

The survey on 1 December 2009 was confined to the alluvial fan / Alma Wash area, and included a small loop near the mouth of Alma Canyon and a larger loop in the middle portion. The total unique mileage surveyed was 4.0 miles. A total of 55 species was found in our 1 December 2009 field survey, of which an amazing 36 (65%) had at least one specimen in bloom. The large number of blooming species was due entirely to a monsoonal thunderstorm on 5 September 2009.

We hiked through roughly, but not exactly, the same route on 9 and 15 December 2009 and found four additional species in this area, for a total of 59 species observed in this area.

The survey on 9 December 2009 covered 0.6 miles above the mouth of Alma Canyon. That survey found a total of 56 species in the Canyon, of which 41 were also found in the 1 December 2009 survey. We hiked through the same route on 15 December 2009 and found two additional species for this area, for a total of 58 species for this section.

The survey on 15 December 2009 covered 0.43 miles above the end point of the 9 December 2009 survey. It found a total of 55 species, including eight species not found in either of the previous two surveys.

The survey on 27 December 2009 covered 1.31 miles above the end point of the 15 December 2009 survey. This was not as thorough a survey as the other surveys, since we spent most of our time just hiking to get to Starfish Cove. Nonetheless, this survey found a total of 57 species.

Eight additional species were found in brief surveys made in two stops also shown on the above map, surveyed briefly on 1 and 9 December 2009.

All surveys together found a total of 94 taxa.

Note that many of the normal winter / spring annuals and perennials are missing from our surveys due to the time of year.

Some of the species we found could not be reliably determined, either because the observed plants were dead (annuals) or were not in bloom and showing their key characteristics. Two of them are identified only to the genera level in the table below: Cuscuta sp. and Ephedra sp. (2 lv'd). Other taxa that need confirmation from plants in bloom are: Descurainia pinnata ssp. glabra; Eriogonum thomasii; Lupinus arizonicus; and Sphaeralcea ambigua var. ambigua. All of these have vouchers from this area, making these the likely determinations, but one never knows for sure without doing a proper determination.

Perhaps the most amazing thing revealed by our surveys is that we did not find a single non-native species in Alma Canyon and Alma Wash. The only non-native species we found were in our stops along Split Mountain Road.

Number of Species in the Combined Checklist

The combined checklist contains 182 taxa, although two of the vouchered species may not be correctly determined and perhaps three or four additional entries may not represent distinct taxa (see below). Of the 182 taxa, 149 are vouchered, 94 were found in our three December surveys, and 62 are present in Rebman's Checklist. Our surveys found 26 species not vouchered from this area or recorded in Rebman's Checklist, an increase of 17% in the total checklist.

Checklist for Northeast Vallecito Mountains

The Checklist follows the 2012 Jepson Manual Second Edition with only a few exceptions.

The Checklist is sorted first by the eight evolutionary categories (clades) used in the 2012 Second Edition Jepson Manual - lycophytes, ferns, etc., to eudicots and monocots - and then by family and scientific name. The clades are labeled in the Checklist. Note that this changes the order of presentation of the taxa from that of the 1993 First Edition.

The family name is abbreviated to the first five characters in order to save space in the table rows.

An asterisk before the Common Name indicates a non-native taxon.

The scientific name is linked to the latest online Jepson Manual description for each species, which also gives the months in which each species flowers. That link also gives a map of where the species occurs in California; a plot of elevation vs. latitude for California; and a histogram of the voucher collections by month.

A few species may not have working links, if their names have been updated more recently (such as Mimulus diffusus, which is still listed under M. palmeri in the online flora), or if they are reserved-judgment taxa which are listed in the entry for another taxon name. However, as of 16 January 2013, the Jepson Manual links have all been updated to link to the parent species for the taxa without their own entries. Taxa linked to anything other than the Jepson Manual link for the full scientific name used below have been indicated with a ^ after the scientific name, and are discussed here.

The common name for most species in the checklist is linked to Calphotos to give pictures of most taxa. Of course, there is no guarantee that the Calphotos pictures are correctly identified.

Note that the link will not always return pictures, since not every species has pictures at Calphotos, and a number of species still have their Calphotos pictures under the Jepson Manual First Edition Names. Some links have been made to the Calphotos pictures using the First Edition Jepson Manual name, if there are no pictures under the Second Edition name. Of course, that may result in a link with no pictures if those the names of those Calphotos pix are updated in the future to the Second Edition names.

Note also that the links below will return only the specified taxon at Calphotos, and not any subtaxa; i.e., a link to Cryptantha barbigera will not return photos of Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera. There may be additional pictures at Calphotos under a different scientific name such as the First Edition Jepson Manual name.

Some links go to special pages with more information on those species.

The column #Plants gives a rough estimate of the minimum number of plants that we saw, with a maximum value of 99 plants. The main intent of this column is to indicate the species for which we found very few plants. Separate estimates are given for Alma Canyon (header AC); and for the rest of the area in the Elephant Tree area, as shown on the above map (header (El).

The columns with header #V give the number of vouchers found in this area. In the list below, the vouchers for Glorietta Canyon and Yaqui Meadows were combined to save space, under the header of Gl. The header YP gives the number of vouchers in the Yaqui Pass Area.

The column #V is the number of vouchers for each taxon from the Consortium, with a maximum value of 9. An entry of Rb is a species that appears on the Rebman checklist for Starfish Cove that has no vouchers here.

All Gutierrezia plants in our surveys have been assigned to G. californica. Plants called G. sarothrae here are the same taxon, intermediate between those two species found outside southern California.

We have assigned all Aristida purpurea plants just to the species name.

Notes for some of the taxa:

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (6 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (2 double-sided pages). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

#FamilyScientific Name(*)Common Name#V# Plants
1SelagSelaginella eremophiladesert spike-moss1  
2PteriCheilanthes parryiwoolly lipfern32411
3PteriNotholaena californicaCalifornia cloak fern1  
4CupreJuniperus californicaCalifornia juniper3  
5EphedEphedra asperaMormon tea35711
6AcantJusticia californicachuparosa39999
7AmaraAmaranthus albus*tumble pigweed   
8AmaraAmaranthus fimbriatusfringed amaranth 830
9AmaraTidestromia suffruticosa var. oblongifoliaArizona honeysweet1  
10ApocyAsclepias albicanswhite-stemmed milkweed1  
11ApocyFunastrum hirtellumrambling milkweed29999
12AsterAdenophyllum porophylloidesSan Felipe dogweed244
13AsterAmbrosia dumosaburroweed29999
14AsterAmbrosia salsola var. salsolacheesebush4 99
15AsterBaccharis brachyphyllashort-leaved baccharis1  
16AsterBahiopsis parishiiParish's viguiera 71
17AsterBaileya pauciradiataColorado Desert marigold1  
18AsterBebbia juncea var. asperasweetbush59999
19AsterBrickellia atractyloides var. argutaCalifornia spear-leaved brickellia1  
20AsterBrickellia desertorumdesert brickellia1  
21AsterCalycoseris wrightiiwhite tackstem5469
22AsterChaenactis carphoclinia var. carphocliniapebble pincushion2 99
23AsterChaenactis fremontiiFremont pincushion 10 
24AsterChaenactis stevioidesdesert pincushion2 99
25AsterChaenactis xantianaXantus' chaenactis1  
26AsterDicoria canescensdesert dicoria1  
27AsterEncelia farinosabrittlebush 8299
28AsterEncelia frutescensbutton encelia4  
29AsterGeraea canescenshairy desert-sunflower3  
30AsterGutierrezia californicaCalifornia matchweed15 
31AsterIsocoma acradenia var. eremophilasolitary-leaved alkali goldenbush1  
32AsterLogfia arizonicaArizona herba impia1 60
33AsterLogfia depressadwarf filago1 1
34AsterLogfia filaginoidesCalifornia filago  35
35AsterMalacothrix glabratadesert dandelion2111
36AsterMalperia tenuisbrown turbans39999
37AsterMonoptilon bellioidesdesert star3199
38AsterPalafoxia arida var. aridadesert needle4 99
39AsterPectis papposa var. papposachinch-weed1 99
40AsterPerityle emoryiEmory's rock-daisy4799
41AsterPleurocoronis plurisetaarrow-leaf29966
42AsterPrenanthella exiguabright-white  2
43AsterRafinesquia neomexicanadesert chicory1199
44AsterSenecio mohavensisMojave ragwort4 99
45AsterSonchus oleraceus*sow thistle  1
46AsterStephanomeria pauciflorawire-lettuce25299
47AsterStylocline intertextatangled nest-straw1  
48AsterTrichoptilium incisumyellow-head1199
49AsterTrixis californica var. californicaCalifornia trixis171
50AsterXylorhiza orcuttiiOrcutt's woody-aster1  
51BoragCryptantha angustifolianarrow-leaved cryptantha2 99
52BoragCryptantha barbigerabearded cryptantha 9999
53BoragCryptantha decipiensgravel cryptantha 9930
54BoragCryptantha holopterawinged cryptantha  5
55BoragCryptantha maritimaGuadalupe cryptantha19999
56BoragCryptantha pterocaryawing-nut cryptantha  99
57BoragCryptantha racemosabushy cryptantha36315
58BoragCryptantha utahensisscented cryptantha 4010
59BoragEmmenanthe penduliflora var. penduliflorawhispering bells1 99
60BoragNama demissum var. demissumpurple mat  1
61BoragNama hispidum var. spathulatumhispid nama1  
62BoragPectocarya heterocarpachuckwalla pectocarya1 99
63BoragPectocarya peninsularisBaja pectocarya  50
64BoragPectocarya platycarpabroad-fruited combseed1 20
65BoragPectocarya recurvatacurvenut combseed1 99
66BoragPhacelia cicutaria var. hispidacaterpillar phacelia 3030
67BoragPhacelia crenulata var. crenulataheliotrope phacelia2  
68BoragPhacelia crenulata var. minutifloralittle-flowered heliotrope phacelia6199
69BoragPhacelia distanscommon phacelia1799
70BoragPhacelia pedicellatapedicellate phacelia1199
71BoragTiquilia palmeriPalmer's coldenia3 31
72BoragTiquilia plicataplicate coldenia2  
73BrassBoechera perennansperennial rock-cress1  
74BrassBrassica tournefortii*Asian mustard 199
75BrassCaulanthus cooperiCooper's jewel-flower 110
76BrassCaulanthus lasiophyllusCalifornia mustard  99
77BrassDescurainia pinnata ssp. glabrasmooth western tansy-mustard12025
78BrassDithyrea californicaspectacle-pod1 5
79BrassDraba cuneifoliawedge-leaved draba  60
80BrassLepidium lasiocarpum ssp. lasiocarpumhairy-podded pepper-grass4 99
81BrassLyrocarpa coulteriCoulter's lyrepod32611
82BurseBursera microphyllaelephant tree39994
83CactaCylindropuntia bigeloviiteddy-bear chollaRb5520
84CactaCylindropuntia echinocarpasilver cholla2 99
85CactaCylindropuntia ganderiGander's chollaRb9999
86CactaCylindropuntia ramosissimapencil cholla  50
87CactaFerocactus cylindraceusCalifornia barrel cactus19999
88CactaMammillaria dioicaCalifornia fish-hook cactus31595
89CactaMammillaria tetrancistrafish-hook cactus1 8
90CactaOpuntia basilaris var. basilarisbeavertail cactusRb999
91CampaNemacladus glanduliferusglandular nemacladus  99
92CampaNemacladus rubescensdesert nemacladus2  
93CampaNemacladus tenuis var. tenuisdesert threadplant  1
94CaryoAchyronychia cooperifrost mat1 1
95ChenoAtriplex canescens var. canescens (s.l.)four-wing saltbush   
96ChenoAtriplex hymenelytradesert holly2  
97ChenoAtriplex polycarpacattle saltbush   
98ChenoChenopodium murale*nettle-leaved goosefoot  3
99ChenoSuaeda nigrabush seepweed   
100CleomCleomella obtusifoliaMojave cleomella1  
101ConvoCuscuta californica var. papillosapapillate dodder  10
102CrassDudleya arizonicaArizona chalk dudleya 1 
103CucurCucurbita palmatacoyote melon12 
104EuphoChamaesyce abramsianaAbrams' prostrate spurge   
105EuphoChamaesyce melanadeniared-gland spurge1  
106EuphoChamaesyce micromeraSonoran spurge1215
107EuphoChamaesyce polycarpasmall-seeded spurge65799
108EuphoChamaesyce setilobaYuma spurge 9999
109EuphoCroton californicusCalifornia croton3 2
110EuphoDitaxis lanceolatanarrowleaf ditaxis19999
111EuphoDitaxis neomexicanaNew Mexico ditaxis5 22
112EuphoDitaxis serrata var. californicaCalifornia ditaxis1  
113EuphoDitaxis serrata var. serrataYuma ditaxis   
114EuphoEuphorbia erianthabeetle spurge1620
115EuphoStillingia linearifolialinear-leaved stillingia1  
116FabacAcmispon maritimus var. brevivexillusshort-bannered coastal lotus 3111
117FabacAcmispon maritimus var. maritimuscoastal lotus2  
118FabacAcmispon rigidusdesert lotus18522
119FabacAcmispon strigosusstrigose lotus2199
120FabacAstragalus aridusannual desert milk-vetch1  
121FabacAstragalus crotalariaeSalton milk-vetch6  
122FabacAstragalus palmeriPalmer's milk-vetch1  
123FabacCalliandra eriophyllafairyduster2  
124FabacDalea mollissilky dalea  14
125FabacDalea mollissimadowny dalea3 1
126FabacHoffmannseggia microphyllanarrow hoffmannseggia1  
127FabacLupinus arizonicusArizona lupine22599
128FabacLupinus concinnusbajada lupine 517
129FabacMarina parryiParry's marina2  
130FabacOlneya tesotaironwood  14
131FabacProsopis glandulosa var. torreyanahoney mesquite   
132FabacPsorothamnus emoryiEmory's indigo-bush3  
133FabacPsorothamnus schottiiindigo bush52399
134FabacPsorothamnus spinosussmoke tree  99
135FabacSenegalia greggiicatclawRb9999
136FouquFouquieria splendens ssp. splendensocotillo99999
137GeranErodium cicutarium*redstem filaree 34
138GeranErodium texanumTexas filaree1 17
139KrameKrameria bicolorwhite rhatany52399
140KrameKrameria erectaPima rhatany 121
141LamiaHyptis emoryidesert-lavender69999
142LamiaSalvia columbariaechia  1
143LamiaSalvia vaseyiVasey's sage 82
144LoasaMentzelia albicauliswhite-stemmed blazing star 31
145LoasaMentzelia involucratabracted blazing star 1116
146LoasaPetalonyx thurberi ssp. thurberiThurber's sandpaper-plant1  
147MalvaAyenia compactaayenia 2 
148MalvaEremalche rotundifoliadesert five-spot4 40
149MalvaHibiscus denudatusrock hibiscus26799
150MalvaHorsfordia newberryiNewberry's velvet mallow27245
151MalvaSphaeralcea ambigua var. ambiguaapricot mallow 56
152MalvaSphaeralcea angustifoliacopper globemallow1  
153MalvaSphaeralcea emoryi var. emoryiEmory's globemallow   
154MontiCalyptridium monandrumsand cress  1
155MontiCistanthe ambiguadesert red maids1  
156NyctaAbronia villosa var. villosahairy sand-verbena  2
157NyctaAllionia incarnata var. incarnatatrailing four o'clock4199
158NyctaBoerhavia triquetra var. intermediafivewing spiderling 8775
159NyctaBoerhavia wrightiiWright's spiderling 199
160NyctaMirabilis laevis var. retrorsaBigelow's desert four-o'clock2199
161NyctaMirabilis tenuilobaslender-lobed four o'clock69974
162OleacMenodora scabra var. glabrescensbroom twinberryRb  
163OleacMenodora scabra var. scabrarough desert olive1  
164OnagrCamissoniopsis pallida ssp. pallidapale sun-cup1  
165OnagrChylismia brevipesyellow cups2  
166OnagrChylismia cardiophylla ssp. cardiophyllaheartleaf sun-cup15021
167OnagrChylismia claviformis ssp. peirsoniibrown-eyed primrose6 99
168OnagrEremothera boothii ssp. condensataBooth's evening primrose3 99
169OnagrEremothera refractanarrow-leaf sun-cup2 99
170OnagrEulobus californicusCalifornia suncup 9999
171OnagrOenothera deltoides ssp. deltoidesdune primrose   
172OrobaOrobanche cooperiCooper's broom-rape2 2
173PapavArgemone munitaprickly poppy1  
174PapavEschscholzia minutiflora ssp. minutiflorasmall-flowered poppy4 99
175PapavEschscholzia parishiiParish's poppy2 99
176PhrymMimulus bigelovii var. bigeloviiBigelow's monkeyflower1 99
177PlantMohavea confertifloraghost flower1 99
178PlantPenstemon clevelandii var. clevelandiiCleveland's beardtongue 23
179PlantPlantago ovatadesert plantain4 99
180PolemAliciella latifolia ssp. latifoliabroad-leaf gilia  25
181PolemEriastrum eremicum ssp. eremicumdesert woolly-star 20 
182PolemGilia stellatastar gilia3 99
183PolemLangloisia setosissima ssp. setosissimabristly langloisia1 4
184PolygChorizanthe brevicornu var. brevicornubrittle spineflower2320
185PolygChorizanthe corrugatawrinkled spineflower1  
186PolygChorizanthe rigidadevil's spineflower2 99
187PolygEriogonum deflexum var. deflexumflat-topped buckwheat2  
188PolygEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumCalifornia buckwheat258
189PolygEriogonum inflatumdesert trumpet45572
190PolygEriogonum thomasiiThomas' buckwheat4 99
191PolygEriogonum wrightii var. nodosumWright's buckwheat12 
192PolygPterostegia drymarioidesthreadstem  42
193ResedOligomeris linifolialineleaf whitepuff1 1
194RosacPrunus fremontiidesert apricot11 
195RubiaGalium stellatumstar-flowered bedstraw 7 
196RutacThamnosma montanaturpentine broom2  
197SimmoSimmondsia chinensisjojoba215 
198SolanDatura discolordesert thornapple1 99
199SolanDatura wrightiisacred datura   
200SolanLycium andersoniiAnderson's desert-thorn23 
201SolanLycium fremontiiFremont's boxthorn   
202SolanNicotiana obtusifoliadesert tobacco42115
203SolanPhysalis crassifoliathick-leaved ground cherry21094
204TamarTamarix ramosissima*saltcedar1  
205UrticParietaria hespera var. hesperapellitory  40
206ViscaPhoradendron californicumdesert mistletoe35099
207ZygopFagonia pachyacanthasticky fagonia4199
208ZygopKallstroemia californicaCalifornia caltrop2  
209ZygopLarrea tridentatacreosote bush109999
210ZygopTribulus terrestris*puncture-vine   
211AgavaAgave deserti var. desertidesert agave1996
212AgavaHesperocallis undulatadesert lily2 5
213PoaceAristida adscensionissix-weeks three-awn31299
214PoaceAristida purpureapurple three-awn 532
215PoaceAristida purpurea var. parishiiParish three-awn3  
216PoaceBouteloua aristidoides var. aristidoidesneedle grama2699
217PoaceBouteloua barbata var. barbatasix-weeks grama 150
218PoaceDasyochloa pulchellafluff grass221 
219PoaceFestuca bromoides*brome fescue  53
220PoaceHilaria rigidabig galleta55399
221PoaceMuhlenbergia microspermalittleseed muhly 12
222PoaceSchismus barbatus*Mediterranean schismus  99

Identifying Notes for Some Taxa

#FAMScientific NameNotes
1AsteraceaeChaenactis xantianalongest phyllaries 10-18 mm, bases glabrous, tips densely puberulent, glands 0; corollas radial; peduncles not glandular
2AsteraceaeFilago arizonicaheads in forks and tips of branches
3FabaceaeCaesalpinia virgatahairy shrub 0.5-2 m, branches gen lfless, rush-like, green; lf odd-2 ternate-pinnate, 1 deg lflets 3; fr sickle-shaped, 1.5-2.5 cm
4FabaceaeCalliandra eriophyllashrub < 30 cm; lvs even 2-pinnate; fr 5 cm, flat
5HydrophyllaceaeNama hispidum var. spathulatumst ascending to erect; seeds fusiform, yellow to orange
6MalvaceaeSphaeralcea angustifolialvs linear-lanceolate
7OleaceaeMenodora scabraherbage rough-puberulent to scabrous; calyx lobes 8-11; upper lf length < 4 x width
8OleaceaeMenodora scopariaherbage ~glabrous; calyx lobes 5-8; upper lf length > 5 x width
9OnagraceaeCamissonia brevipesVoucher may be C. cardiophylla. C. cardiophylla is a perennial with cauline, simple lvs, and sepals with non-free tips; C. brevipes is an annual gen with a well-developed basal rosette, with simple to 1-pinnate leaves, and sepals with free tips.

Voucher data provided by the participants of the Consortium of California Herbaria (ucjeps.berkeley.edu/consortium/)

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