21-1 Brown Mountain Fire Road to West Ridge of Brown Mountain

Participants: Craig Cheetham, Phillip Cheetham and Tom Chester, plus bicyclists Scott Chester and Travis Young
Date: 14 August 1996 (Written up 24 September 1996)

This was Scott and Travis' introduction to mountain biking, while Craig and I got in our usual weekly hike. We didn't have time to reach the end of the Brown Mountain Fire Road on this hike. Judging from the distance I got when I mountain biked this road, we only made it a bit past halfway.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

#MileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.005:17 1700Millard Canyon Campground
11.105:46 1700El Prieto Trail Junction
21.906:106:202150Junction road from JPL. Met some JPL bikers and talked to them for a while.
32.456:35 2300Turn around point. Had to wait to make sure bikers were turning around, too.
43.006:57 2200=2.
53.807:17 1800=1.
65.007:42  car.

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