26-1 Eaton Canyon Nature Center to Henninger Flats

Participants: Craig Cheetham, Phillip Cheetham and Tom Chester
Date: 1 July 1998 (Written up 6 July 1998)

Crossing the creek was no problem now, but it must have been tricky in the last several months due to the heavy rains of this winter. The horse trail is overgrown with mustard in places, and it has suffered pretty heavy erosion. However, there is only slightly tricky place at a switchback somewhat below the junction with the Toll Road.

The bugs were only bad when we got to Henninger Flats, and they were so bad there that we couldn't eat a snack without being eaten ourselves. We left quickly.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

Recording numberMileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
00.005:53950Eaton Canyon Nature Center parking lot
11.256:271700Junction Toll Road "1 mile down, 1.7 miles up". Took Toll Road up.
23.007:127:302550Henninger Flats Visitor Center, by Ranger Station.
45.708:221200Jct. Bottom of Eaton Canyon at bottom of horse trail
56.358:381050back at car.

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