39-1 Bailey Canyon to old cabin

Participants: Craig Cheetham and Tom Chester
Dates: 18 September and 19 June 1996 (Written up 24 September 1996)

Trailhead location, current trail condition and hiking directions

Hike starts at top of Grove Ave. in Sierra Madre. Park in the Park at the north end of the street. Note that the Park closes at sunset, so if you expect to be there later, park on Grove.

Hike proceeds out of northwest end of park, through a turnstile. Turn right on the fire road that goes on the west end of the reservoir and continues north into the canyon. The trail quickly becomes quite steep, but is in good shape all the way to the end of this hike, which is an old cabin(?) foundation in the stream bed. You reach that cabin by taking the left fork of the trail junction when you reach a group of trees growing in the canyon bottom.

We met one rattlesnake near the bottom on the way down on the 18 September 1996 hike. He pressed himself against the mountain while we passed on the outer edge of the trail.

Explanation of columns for all trip logs

#MileageTime arrivedTime leftAltitudeComments
18 September 1996 hike
00.005:09 1050Park at top of Grove.
12.206:176:342300Cabin foundation
24.607:31 1000Back at car.
19 June 1996 hike
00.005:39 950Park at top of Grove.
12.256:46 2300Cabin foundation
24.757:50 1100Back at car.

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