Links for hike #11 in the San Gabriel Mountains
Big Tujunga to Mt. Lukens via Stone Canyon Trail

WARNING: During the dry season, when there are low water levels in Big Tujunga Creek, the usual access to this trail through the Wildwood Picnic Area may be closed to protect the Santa Ana Sucker (fish). Wildwood was closed from sometime before 10/12/00 to 2/2/01 during last year's dry season. (More Information)

If Wildwood is closed, there are at least three alternative places to park:

It is sometimes difficult to pick up the Stone Canyon Trail once you have crossed Big Tujunga Creek, so make sure you have spotted the trail before you cross.

When available, the date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

TopoZone Map (a topo map is also given on Matt Maxon's site linked below)

Trail Updates:

Stone Canyon Trail, Matt Maxon. Matt maintains the trail, and keeps this page current about the condition of the trail.

Trail Bulldozing in Summer 1998 (26Sep98), T. Chester

Big Tujunga to Mt. Lukens via Stone Canyon Trail (08Aug98), Roy M. Randall

Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County, Schad, 2nd edition, September 2000 (1st printing), Area A-4, Trip 4, Mount Lukens - Grizzly Flat Loop, p. 183. (< 2000)

Trails of the Angeles, John W. Robinson, Seventh Edition, September 1998, #11, Big Tujunga to Mt. Lukens via Stone Canyon Trail, p. 41. (< 1998)

More Information About the Wildwood Picnic Area Closure

Charles Wain reported on 10/12/00:

The Wildwood Picnic area along Big Tujunga Canyon Rd. has been closed to protect endangered species, according to a sign on the padlocked gate. The sign at the gated entrance to the picnic grounds lists a hefty fine--$5,000 or $50,000, forget which--for entering. The closure blocks access to the Stone Canyon Trail up Mt. Lukens.

Delta Flats and Vogel Flats / Stoneyvale are still open.

Gerald Reponen of the ANF said on 12/20/00 that

The Wildwood Picnic area in Big Tujunga Canyon has been closed to vehicles during the dry season due to low water levels. When the water levels return to normal flow the picnic area will be reopened. Water releases from Big Tujunga Dam and natural rainfall would dictate when this happens and when and if it would be closed again. This action was taken to protect the habitat and the Santa Ana Sucker (fish) from human encroachment and possible destruction when they are vulnerable. The fish need a sporting chance to swim away from people and pets. Hiking in from a legal parking spot along Big Tujunga Canyon Road and accessing the Stone Canyon Trail to Mt. Lukens has always been available; just a little further to walk.

Pam Gilman reported that on 2/2/01, she saw the ranger taking down the closure sign for the season.

Matt Maxon said on 12/17/03:

Just a note to update conditions on Stone Canyon Trail. I have started to clear the trail again after my "Golden Pulaski" ceremony last year linking the upper and lower trail segments last year.

The gate is locked again.

I met a hiker last Sunday who couldn't find the ridge route @ mile marker 3.52, checked it out and it had become over grown so....the "Mountain Beavers" got busy.

I've cleared the burn area (again) and the rest of the trail should go quickly just need to knock back some brush be for it gets bad.

It was interesting to see the layers of burnt material on the burn area dating back to the 1948 fire. I've taken the opportunity to keep the brush at bay on the burn area by pulling up the seedling of the trail-blocking plants. This should save a lot of work in the future. I've done this on other parts of the trail and it has worked well.

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