Links for Hikes #13, 16-4, and 16-5
Angeles Crest Highway or Big Tujunga to Grizzly Flat

All of these hikes take different routes to get to Grizzly Flat. Cumulative mileages along the hike and elevation of the current point are given in parentheses. The mileages have been taken from Topo!, and hence may be a bit short for the trail portions, which has been allowed for in the total estimated mileage for each hike. The altitudes were read off the topo map by myself.

When available, the date of the described hike is given in parentheses for each link.

Angeles Crest Highway to Grizzly Flat and Vasquez Creek to Stoneyvale Picnic Area Via Upper Dark Canyon Trail (16Aug98), Roy M. Randall (7 miles round trip, 991' elevation gain)

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