ANF Forest Service Offices and Districts

Dave Anderberg and Tom Chester

The main Forest Service Office is at:

701 N Santa Anita Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006-2725
626/574-5200 or 626/574-1613

During 1996-1998, the 5 former Districts have been combined as follows:

These new names are not as colorful nor as clear as the old ones. In particular, considerable confusion may come about by the L.A. River name, since no part of the L.A. River proper is in the ANF, and many people consider the L.A. River to originate outside the ANF. The Mojave river originates in the San Bernadino mountains, not the San Gabriels.

Unit designations within a district begin with that district's number. For example, engine 56 (Big Tujunga Station) is now engine 13 (five was the number for the old Tujunga District.)

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