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Three Points (5,920') is named for the junction between the Angeles Crest Highway and the Santa Clara Divide Road. The signs say to Santa Clara Divide Road, Sulphur Springs, Horse Flats and organizational camps. Distance is 29 miles from I-210. Driving time is approximately 45 minutes.

Three Points has a large trail head parking lot and pit toilets.

Drainage on the north slope goes to the South Fork of Little Rock Creek, and on the south slope to Devil's Canyon to West Fork of the San Gabriel River.


Map: Chilao Region ("3pts" marks the location near the center of the map)
See also: USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Waterman Mountain (34° 20' 36" N, 117° 58' 53" W)

By Car: From Interstate 210, go north on Angeles Crest Highway, State Route 2, 29 miles. Turn left at Mile Marker 52.8. West from the Santa Clara Divide Road, a dirt road marked 3N17 from Mill Creek Summit. A Forest Adventure Pass is needed.

By Trail: North from Sulphur Springs on the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail is across the street by the white gatepost. East from Cloudburst Summit and Buckhorn on the Pacific Crest Trail; southwest from Chilao and east from Cloudburst Summit and Buckhorn on the Silver Moccasin Trail; southeast from Mt. Waterman and Twin Peaks Trail. To reach the intersection of these trails, go down the hill (west) behind the restroom for several yards to a large wooden sign which gives directions and mileage.

Season: All year.


Warning: this list does not get updated as often as the hikes listed in the region tables. Consult Chilao Region Hikes for the latest listing.

nov-aprChilao to Three Points via Devils Canyon, Twin Peaks
582.5400allMt. Hillyer from Santa Clara Divide Road
3700jun-octThree Points to Twin Peaks Saddle, Twin Peaks, Mt. Waterman, and Buckhorn
59.19.51300jun-octThree Points to Twin Peaks Saddle and Twin Peaks
59.29800allThree Points to Sulphur Springs via PCT with 9 return options

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