Hikes in the SGM, Chilao Region

map showing hikes in Chilao region of SGM
Detail Map for Charlton Flat Trails (54.2, 54.3, MFR)
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Trailhead Abbreviations On Map

AbbreviationFull NameNumbered Hikes Beginning At That Trailhead
3ptsThree Points59-59.3
MFRCharlton Flats to Mt. Mooney Saddle Fire Road54.4, 54.5
SSShortcut Saddle52.1, 52.33
AbbreviationFull NameNumbered Hikes Beginning At That Trailhead
BHCBuckhorn Campground62, 62.1, 63
CSCloudburst Summit61, 61.1
VFValley Forge49, 49.22

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Explanation of column headings.

(1 way)
-1800allAngeles Crest Highway to West Fork Campground
52.3361800allShortcut Saddle to West Fork Campground
54.22400allCharlton Flat to Vetter Mountain Lookout via Fire Road
54.33.3700allCharlton Flat to Vetter Mountain Lookout Loop Hike
54.41250allCharlton Flat to Mt. Mooney
54.51.5300allCharlton Flat to Devil Peak
(1 way)
-2100nov-junBarley Flats to Alder Creek
54.7182100nov-junBarley Flats to Alder Creek
(1 way)
+2100nov-junAlder Creek to Barley Flats
54.8182100nov-junAlder Creek to Barley Flats
5671500nov-aprChilao to Devils Canyon, San Gabriel Wilderness
nov-aprChilao to Three Points via Devils Canyon, Twin Peaks
56.29.82100nov-aprChilao to Top of Upper Fall in Devils Canyon
575.61250allChilao to Horse Flats, Mt. Hillyer
57.141000allChilao Loop via Silver Moccasin Trail and "Newcomb's" Ridge
57.25.81150allChilao to Horse Flats, Mt. Hillyer Loop Hike
582.5400allMt. Hillyer from Santa Clara Divide Road
(1 way)
jun-octThree Points to Twin Peaks Saddle, Twin Peaks, Mt. Waterman, and Buckhorn
59.113.62700jun-octThree Points to Twin Peaks Saddle and Twin Peaks
59.29800allThree Points to Sulphur Springs via PCT with 9 return options
59.312.82200jun-octThree Points to Mt. Waterman

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