Observations of Flowering Plants and the Main Vernal Pools on the Mesa de Colorado in 2001 - 2002

Plot Of Pool Depth Vs. Time For The Main Vernal Pool
Chronological Observations
Summary of Plants Blooming
Pictures of the Pool vs. Time Last Year


This page contains a chronological record of my observations of conditions in the entire Reserve, especially the bloom status of the flowering plants, and of the Main Vernal Pools on the Mesa de Colorado in 2001-2002. Observations for previous years, beginning in 1996, are linked on the Field Guide page. A complete list of all plants observed to be in flower or displaying colorful seeds, fruit or leaves, is given in Summary of Plants Blooming.

Each observations entry begins with the calendar date, and, after the Main Pool has formed each year, the day number, numbered from the first day that the Pool contained water this year. This is followed by the trails I hiked that day and a summary of the weather conditions that day.

Until the Main Pool begins to fill, Current Status of the Vernal Pool will give a summary of precipitation so far this year, and an estimate of how much more rain is needed to form the Pool.

See the more complete Introduction to this page.

Plot Of Pool Depth Vs. Time For The Main Vernal Pool

The plot below shows the pool depth (green) versus time at the boardwalk, which is at the edge of the pool. Hence the depth at the center of the pool is slightly greater than reported here when the pool contains water. The plot also shows the total rainfall (blue) at my house in Fallbrook, 11 miles south.

The Pool has not yet formed, so the depth shows as a constant value of zero so far.

(Click on graph for bigger and better image.)

Chronological Observations

Observations 2001 November 26 to 2002 March 4
Observations 2002 March 13 to April 10
Observations 2002 April 17 onward

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