Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

This page contains the updates from 12/2/99 to 2/29/00. Earlier updates are linked at the bottom of this page. See Later Updates for the most current updates.

29 February 2000 we added nws mt. wilson and ontario airport current weather to conditions/current weather; updated url for ordering usgs maps.

28 February 2000 we updated snow levels and new page on numbering of forest service secondary roads, including list of all on anf map.

27 February 2000 jane added snow depths to conditions/index; added xref to sr2 closure dates; added table of closure dates to places/sr2.

25 February 2000 corrected typo in link in montane-forest; added big rock creek camp to places; csulb geology field trips to nathist/geology; more to backlog page.

24 February 2000 corrected a few typos in sunset ridge trail; added brennen's pages to backlog page; deleted flaxinton's amphibians link in nathist/animals; added mccalpin's sackungs to nathist/geology; added "Field Guide to" in the main subpages of SGM where it was missing; moved actinolite link from "other" to nathist/geology; updated hendersons' death in bailey canyon as due to a debris flow and not the reported cloudburst.

23 February 2000 jane and I added sunset ridge trail; added link to Field Guide: Maps in lists/topo maps; jane added la climate link to Field Guide: weather.

22 February 2000 added friends of la river to places; jon sherman's trails or roads to trails/bulldozing.

21 February 2000 updated trail conditions for road closures, sr2 for closing date; added mt. pinos webcam and frazier park weather station to conditions; frommer guide to books/recreation/bicycling; more links to backlog page (up to 3/99 now); more dates of fee extension and updated url for text of law to fees; added historic rainfall of California to nathist/weather; link to gilfoy's letter from trails/bulldozing.

20 February 2000 added another photo of baldy behind la to pix; another anf map to maps; more links to be indexed to backlog page (up to 9/98 in my bookmarks so far); forest pests to plants/index; 11/30/99 money for trail purchase to news; fact that San Gabriels have the oldest rock in California to numbers.

19 February 2000 updated conditions, bugs, mountain and pasadena temps, adding normal wilson and pasadena highs to plots; added barley flats trail and hike writeup, with jane; finally began my "backlog" page containing links not yet indexed.

17 February 2000 added more topo map publication dates from jane and the dates of the "topo!" maps; added 1999 revised maps to news; added jane's latest snow level report to plot; linked plot from conditions/index.

16 February 2000 added topo map coverage of sgm with dates of maps; added topozone link to Field Guide/general/maps.

15 February 2000 updated trail conditions, split general conditions vs. month into new file; added snow elevation plot vs. day for current year; added sunrise/sunset/uv to trail conditions.

14 February 2000 added explicit number of robot hits to main page in analysis; added that page to analysis; updated site map and split it into several pages; corrected link to virgin bower in pix/index; added hikes so far this year to tchikes, most not written up yet.

13 February 2000 added analysis of hits to main page for last month; corrected bad link to arroyo willow pix in id_yellow.

10 February 2000 added analysis of blooms by month; chantry flats road closure to news, from jane; added proposed listing of mtn yellow-legged frog to news, from jane and bill gross.

9 February 2000 jane and I revised barley flats road in places, added geologic periods to defs.

8 February 2000 added new ohv trail from barley flats to news.

5 February 2000 jane added afc, mmc, sc-pas to volunteer orgs.

4 February 2000 jane found new address for eaton canyon nature center; added to eaton canyon, volunteer orgs and plants blooming elsewhere; added afc first meeting to news; corrected url at bottom of insp. point.

3 February 2000 changed color of header for virgins bower pix; added inspiration point, muir peak and om&m railway for places.

2 February 2000 jane updated ach veg guide to include more digits on road markers; montane-forest with another link; removed all links to http://www.bio.sdsu.edu in blooms and seasons since the pix are now gone; added plant/pix index; updated site map; moved pix from ~zelicaon to here and updated links.

1 February 2000 jane finished eaton canyon page, adding overview and more links; added debouche to defs; moved eaton directions from bailey to eaton page; corrected typo in driving distance; updated exp. date for fees; updated name of ayers report in rubio.

31 January 2000 added missing map link for eaton canyon and made it into an incomplete places page; added channel 56 video to it; removed link to speed_of_update in site_stats. Jane updated ach veg guide, chap soft and hard communities.

27 January 2000 added mtn. lion scrapes to bugs; sweco dozer, actinolite, sheep grazing to misc info, all from jane.

26 January 2000 added more non-California lion attacks, thanks to linda lewis, who is now a coauthor of that page.

24 January 2000 several updates to plant community pages. Linked ach veg guide from sr2 places page. Jane added more berries to culinary plants.

23 January 2000 jane added plant community pages and guide to communities along sr2. Added analemma link to sunrise and corrected error in text omitting effect of the tilt of the earth's axis on the equation of time.

22 January 2000 fixed bad "mailto:booth" link in 44-1; eliminated bad links in non-SGM pages at tchester.organization; added pointers to znet files; added missing cuyamaca_peak page; fixed bad link to bulldozing in news.

21 January 2000 updated trail and bug conditions.

19 January 2000 updated url for palmdalecam in conditions/cams; fixed link in lions to cuyamaca writeup; fixed typo in style sheet for sr2; added reilly, sm II fire, rogers, july eaton horse facility to news.

18 January 2000 jane updated history online with two more photo links and one more written reference from Paul and some text updates.

17 January 2000 added logo and favicon; jane improved formatting of SGM main page and added numbers to lists there. Jane added online history page.

16 January 2000 made final minor html tweaks to fit html 4 standard to various files. Added pix_links to site map. Fixed some broken links. Updated links by site.

15 January 2000 all changes from 22 Dec. to now put online at tchester.org site, with "page has moved" notice at znet site. The html for all pages has been validated to meet the html 4.0 standards. Many smaller changes not listed on this page were also made to the pages.

14 January 2000 applied uniform style to all pages; jane compiled list of volunteer orgs.

13 January 2000 finished editing places pages; updated all hike links to them. Corrected link to islip hikes in jackson lake. Added telegraph mtn views to places.

12 January 2000 moved former introduction link comments to SGM: conditions index page; split update log into more pieces.

11 January 2000 finished revising the /lists pages; added trails index page; revised main hikes page to reorganize links on rhs; revised analysis page to include more pages on this site.

9 January 2000 jane added a much-needed fishing part to activities; updated link to palmdale cam; repeated lion tips info to lion attacks page.

5 January 2000 added writeup of roy randall's 100 hikes to news and analysis; moved his 87 hike writeup to new rr directory and changed link to it.

3 January 2000 corrected error in label on islip map: 61.1 to 61.2; added analysis of travel times from caltech.

2 January 2000 updated family hikes with bailey canyon and monrovia canyon info, switched order of authors, removed blockquotes and larger font. Added info about dogs on leashes to faq; color choices, toc and boilerplate info to style sheet; link to condensed table in landmarks. Finally updated times from caltech for all hikes.

1 January 2000 changed name of sgm to Field Guide to SGM. Significantly revised and updated style sheet. Jane updated intro to SGM. Finished updating /site/ files

31 December 1999 wrote new intro pages.

29 December 1999 added forest service offices to numbers/admin; sheep mountain for sale to bridge to nowhere links; converted directories msc and sgm parts of links to new site; changed reference (ANF) to (ANF site) to avoid confusion with abbreviation of ANF; added use trail to defs.

27 December 1999 added "intro" to region map legend; cleaned up references to legends and more explanation; streamlined "select a hike by location" on main page; added links to bulldozing from each trail affected; converted rest of "regions" and entire "trails" directory to new site.

26 December 1999 moved all conditions and totaupdate pages to hikes/other; revised region pages to just link to explanations, which was expanded; made link to maps with no labels better matched to map with labels; updated all regions pages to reflect many changes in past days; eliminated 85-1 link to removed page 85links (adventure west removed page).

25 December 1999 added stager's link back after page was put back online. Combined 77 - 77.2 links. Added several cross-references in the links pages. Changed hike #78.1 to the more logical 77.3. Converted all the tchikes/##links files into links/## files. Converted the "trail conditions" ## pages into trail pages. Corrected erroneous titles on links/98.

24 December 1999 added 30-1, which I had written up on 3/7/97, but never linked! Replaced tchikes/26-1 with links/26-1. Added meaning of levee symbol on topo map for 94. Converted "hikes" directory to new site.

23 December 1999 added sunrise, sunset, uv to conditions index; linked ainsworth conditions to 84. Converted "analysis" and "conditions" directories to new site.

22 December 1999 stopped updating znet site in order to concentrate on moving pages to tchester.org site; updated bugs on tchester.org site; jane updated books on znet site to include trail and recreation maps, geology of azusa quad, and to remove amazon links to avoid any appearance we were profiting from those links. Finished converting "hikes" directory to new site.

21 December 1999 corrected altitude of tenhi cam.

20 December 1999 added 4/28/98 lion attack in colorado to lion attacks; mt. high webcam to cameras, and duplicated tenhi link there; reordered historical landmarks in date order; added link for mentry there.

18 December 1999 jane added historical landmarks, rate of degradation, map of reservoirs, bigcone spruce record tree and record maple leaf size to numbers.

15 December 1999 added river running elizabeth lake canyon creek, from jane to beyond hiking.

13 December 1999 jane added natural bridge, csulb's palmdale, st. francis dam, cajon pass to places; updated url for gino's great mt. wilson panorama.

12 December 1999 updated trail conditions and added snow level plot.

11 December 1999 jane updated books to add scenic mt. lowe by james, 1905, from ayers.

10 December 1999 jane and I added 48-3, sawpit, overturff, monrovia cp writeups; added links to them; removed all adventure west links, redid all region pages, and sort by number, miles and website; updated link status; added plots of trails for the few trails written up so far (index of these to come later), and updated explanation of maps.

8 December 1999 added spaces between letters in place index.

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