Update Log for Angeles Mountain Plants Blooming and Bloom Identification Guide

This update log gives only the 2001 updates for the Plants Blooming and Bloom Identification Guide. See Update Log for Non-Bloom Pages for updates to other pages at this site.

23 October 2001 jane added a seasons writeup for 10/11/01; added pix of parry manzanita.

4 August 2001 jane updated bloom id pages.

25 May 2001 jane added 5/21 bloom observations and updated bloom_id pages.

22 May 2001 added jane's corrections to 5/15 bloom observations, and jane added May 21 bloom observations.

16 May 2001 updated bloom observations.

13 May 2001 minor revision to plant observations.

27 April 2001 jane updated blooms with 4/18 and 4/26 observations.

13 April 2001 jane updated blooms and bloom_id.

3 April 2001 jane added 3/20-26 observations.

14 March 2001 we added our marshal canyon observations and jane's sr2 observations.

12 February 2001 jane added eaton canyon observations; we added clarification about non-blooms in observations, like fruit, dodder, and other observations.

29 January 2001 jane added cobb estate observations.

23 January 2001 jane added moist canyon observations.

17 January 2001 jane added brown mtn fire road observations.

8 - 12 January 2001

made new pages
checked external links
added new plants
added more external image links
added links to keys and other relative links
updated observations

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