Plant Guide to Hermit Trail

Introduction and Explanation of Plant Trail Guides

The Plant Guide


This page is just a shell to hold a preliminary version of the plant guide.

See Grand Canyon Flora: Hermit, Dripping Springs and Waldron Trail for a list of the species in this guide in traditional family order.

The Plant Guide

Key to Plant Guide Information

Mile: It is like a car odometer. Mile 0.00 includes all mileages from 0.000 to 0.009; 0.01 includes all mileages from 0.010 to 0.019, etc. 0.01 mile is 18 yards = 53 feet, about 18-20 normal-size paces.

Note that species separated by a difference of 0.01 mile in the guide could actually be fairly close together, with the odometer "rolling over" between them. Example: one species is at 1.599 miles, reported as 1.59 miles in the guide, and the next species is at 1.601 miles, reported as 1.60 miles in the guide. The species are actually just 0.002 miles = 10 feet apart. They could also be almost 0.02 miles apart. Example: one species is at 1.601 miles and the next is at 1.619 miles.

The mileage for this guide is nowhere near as accurate as the mileage for the Bright Angel Trail. I primarily relied on GPS points recorded in the field for every location, and for the elevations. Note that GPS readings often have considerable error in canyons, due to poor satellite visibility and errors due to satellite signals taking multiple paths to the receiver due to reflections from the many exposed rock faces here.

In fact, GPS receivers are almost useless in some parts of the trail due to these problems. Be very wary about believing the trip mileage given by a GPS receiver.

Since most people walk without a pedometer or a GPS to give them their rough mileage, enough landmarks are included in the guide that it is not necessary to pay much attention to the mileage. It is mainly useful in telling the reader when there are long intervals without new species, or when new species come fast and furious.

#: Species are numbered in order of first occurrence on trail, or where they are first easily visible from the trail.

id?: Species without an entry in this column are quite confidently identified. "?" means I am just guessing the identification; "sp" means the genera is probably known, but the species name is uncertain even when a potential species name is given in the guide; "~" means I have roughly 95% confidence that this is the determination, but have not yet positively identified it; "ssp" means the subspecies or variety needs to be determined.

(*)Common Name: An asterisk before the common name indicates a species that is non-native to the Grand Canyon, and hence should not be here.

Note that common names are not standardized, and more than one taxa can have the same common name.

Scientific Name: This is the name used to uniquely identify a species by botanists, which enables one to confidently look up more information about each species. All names are as given in the latest Grand Canyon flora online. Synonyms (older, newer, or alternate Scientific Names) are given in the page linked to the common name, usually via the USDA Plants link.

#Plants: This gives the minimum number of on-trail plants of this species on or in the area surrounding this trail.

Version for printing, without lines and other text on this page: html (4 pages) or pdf Clickbook booklet (1 double-sided page). (See printing instructions for an explanation of these options)

Mile#id?(*)Common NameScientific Name#Plants
0.00Begin guide at the signed trailhead. The first 20 species are given in alphabetical order by scientific name.
0.001desert needlegrassAchnatherum speciosum99
0.002*tumble pigweedAmaranthus albus99
0.003~Powell's amaranthAmaranthus powellii3
0.004purple three-awnAristida purpurea6
0.005fourwing saltbushAtriplex canescens1
0.006side-oats gramaBouteloua curtipendula99
0.007blue gramaBouteloua gracilis99
0.008California brickellbushBrickellia californica50
0.009thyme-leafed spurgeChamaesyce serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia99
0.0010*redstem filareeErodium cicutarium99
0.0011Apache plumeFallugia paradoxa1
0.0012matchweedGutierrezia sarothrae99
0.0013prairie sunflowerHelianthus petiolaris30
0.0014Utah juniperJuniperus osteosperma99
0.0015Fremont barberryMahonia fremontii2
0.0016desert prickly-pearOpuntia phaeacantha10
0.0017common purslanePortulaca oleracea99
0.0018cliffrosePurshia stansburiana99
0.0019sand dropseedSporobolus cryptandrus99
0.0020banana yuccaYucca baccata10
Species are now given in trail order
0.0221big sagebrushArtemisia tridentata99
0.0222fetid goosefootChenopodium graveolens99
0.0223western tansymustardDescurainia pinnata50
0.0224~thickleaf beardtonguePenstemon pachyphyllus var. congestus50
0.0225mutton grassPoa fendleriana99
0.0226narrow-leaf four o'clockMirabilis linearis10
0.0227*ripgut bromeBromus diandrus2
0.0328silver wormwoodArtemisia ludoviciana40
0.0329husk tomatoPhysalis pubescens10
0.0430Fremont's goosefootChenopodium fremontii1
0.0431Mojave prickly-pearOpuntia erinacea2
0.0432common pepper-grassLepidium densiflorum1
0.0433littleleaf globe mallowSphaeralcea parvifolia10
0.0434Arizona hymenoxysTetraneuris acaulis var. arizonica30
0.0435Torrey's milkvetchAstragalus calycosus10
0.0436greenstem paperflowerPsilostrophe sparsiflora50
0.05Switchback right
0.0537sptidy fleabaneErigeron concinnus15
0.0638Whipple chollaOpuntia whipplei8
0.0839green ephedraEphedra viridis50
0.0840freckled milk-vetchAstragalus lentiginosus var. palans5
0.09Switchback left
0.0941Kaibab century plantAgave utahensis var. kaibabensis2
0.1042Simpson's buckwheatEriogonum microthecum var. simpsonii40
0.1043spEaton's fleabaneErigeron eatoniix
0.13Switchback right
0.1544rock spiraeaPetrophyton caespitosum50
0.1545Drummond's false pennyroyalHedeoma drummondii20
0.1646Grand Canyon rock-daisyPerityle congesta99
0.1647sprose heathChaetopappa ericoides20
0.1648Wright's bedstrawGalium wrightii15
0.1649unk grass like Alopecarus or Setariax
0.1750fern bushChamaebatiaria millefolium2
0.1751wholeleaf Indian paintbrushCastilleja integra1
0.1852Indian ricegrassAchnatherum hymenoides99
0.1953*downy bromeBromus tectorum15
0.2054hairy goldenasterHeterotheca villosa50
0.2055spiny greasebushGlossopetalon spinescens var. aridum5
0.2156needle & thread grassHesperostipa comata15
0.2257spEastwood's sandwortArenaria eastwoodiae3
0.2258perennial rock-cressArabis perennans5
0.2259Cooper’s rubberweedHymenoxys cooperi10
0.2360Arizona thistleCirsium arizonicum30
0.2461snowberrySymphoricarpos oreophilus99
0.2462squirreltailElymus elymoides10
0.2463Utah service-berryAmelanchier utahensis50
0.2464wax currantRibes cereum var. cereum1
0.2465little-leaved mountain-mahoganyCercocarpus intricatus15
0.2666redroot buckwheatEriogonum racemosum40
0.2667southern mountain phloxPhlox austromontana99
0.2668Basin butterweedPackera multilobata30
0.2669Grand Canyon GoldenweedEricameria arizonica1
0.2670capitate cryptanthaCryptantha capitata20
0.2771claret cupEchinocereus triglochidiatus3
0.27Switchback left
0.3272Grand Canyon glowweedHesperodoria scopulorum1
0.3473Knowlton hop hornbeamOstrya knowltonii3
0.3674desert gooseberryRibes velutinum3
0.3675pallid hoptreePtelea trifoliata ssp. pallida var. pallida2
0.3776mid bladderpodLesquerella intermedia4
0.3877Wright's thelypodyThelypodium wrightii40
0.4078true mountain-mahoganyCercocarpus montanus1
0.4779pinyon pine dwarf-mistletoeArceuthobium divaricatum40
0.4980turpentine broomThamnosma montana20
0.6181threadleaf common rabbitbrushEricameria nauseosa var. oreophila79
0.6882brownfootAcourtia wrightii1
0.7283wallflowerErysimum capitatum var. purshii2
0.7284spPalmer's penstemonPenstemon palmeri5
0.7585cliff brakePellaea truncata5
0.7586spike-mossSelaginella mutica6
0.80Begin series of switchbacks
0.8987Utah fendlerbushFendlerella utahensis2
0.9188*red bromeBromus rubens5
0.9489shrub live oakQuercus turbinella10
0.9990Macoun's cudweedPseudognaphalium macounii13
1.0491pancake prickly-pearOpuntia chlorotica3
1.0792Munz's bedstrawGalium munzii ssp. ambivalens5
1.0793 Fendler's lipfernCheilanthes fendleri50
1.0994spunk grass like hilaria1
1.1995black brushColeogyne ramosissima20
1.2096black gramaBouteloua eriopoda30
1.2297black sagebrushArtemisia nova1
1.23Junction Waldron Trail
1.3498juniper mistletoePhoradendron juniperinum99
1.4199hoary-asterMachaeranthera canescens2
Additional species on the Waldron Trail in first 0.43 miles
100Columbia cutleafHymenopappus filifolius var. lugens15
101Nuttall tarweedMachaeranthera grindelioides20
102Arizona bladderpodLesquerella arizonica5
103~gooseberryleaf globemallowSphaeralcea grossulariifolia2
104fragrant evening-primroseOenothera caespitosa2
105bush peavineLathyrus brachycalyx ssp. zionis3
106narrow-leaved wire-lettuceStephanomeria minor var. minor8
107Wright's deervetchLotus wrightii10
108Gambel oakQuercus gambelii2
109Patagonia plantainPlantago patagonica5
110threadstem sandmatChamaesyce revoluta2
111Grand Canyon campionSilene rectiramea15
112trailing fleabaneErigeron flagellaris20
113spunk opp lvs twisty leaves orange flower1
114James' galletaPleuraphis jamesii1

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