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This is a list of pages that contain compilations of data or analysis work connected to the SGM. Some of the analysis pages also contain compilations of data. Within each category, the pages are alphabetic by main topic of the page. To highlight the main topic, the link is assigned only to part of the title of the page in some cases.

The unattributed pages were written by myself. Some pages have coauthors as indicated.

Compilations of Data

Bloom Identification Guide for the SGM*

Books about the San Gabriel Mountains*

Deaths in the SGM

Index of Trails and Secondary Forest Roads on ANF Forest Service Map*

Mountain Lion Attacks in California and Elsewhere

News (Current and Historical)

Overview of the SGM: The Numbers*

Trail Mileages for Chantry Flat Trails

Topo Map Coverage of the SGM

Trails of The Angeles:

Waterfalls of the SGM+


Accuracy of GPS Positions: George Aumann's:

Accuracy of Tracks From a Garmin Etrex GPS Receiver:

Accuracy of Trail Mileages Deduced From Topo! Measurements (also includes comments on accuracy of elevation gain and loss from Topo!)

Accuracy of Trail Mileages

Errors In The Suunto Compass by Lang Brod

Guide to Non-existent Planned Connector Trails Between Bailey Canyon Trail and the Mt. Wilson Trail (includes warning that the USGS Topo Maps now show planned trails that don't actually exist on the ground)

Hiking Speed Versus Elevation

Model For Formation Of Natural Bridge of Twin Springs Canyon, Sawpit Canyon, Monrovia

Numbering of Trails and Secondary Forest Roads in Angeles National Forest*

Number of Plants Blooming By Month In 1999*, including by color of bloom.

Ozone Injury to Trees in the Western United States by Paul R. Miller. (This study of the San Bernardino Mountains applies directly to the SGM)


Roy Randall's 100 Hikes (statistics of his 100 hikes in 548 days)

Statistical Information:

Sunrise, Local Noon, Sunset Times and Times of Maximum UV Exposure

Temperatures in the San Gabriel Mountains

Travel Time To Trailheads From Caltech, including Number of SGM Hikes

Website analysis:

* Coauthored with Jane Strong
+ Coauthored with Jane Strong and Paul Ayers

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