1999 Update Log for Angeles Mountain Plants Blooming and Bloom Identification Guide

January 2, 2000 updated December 1999 and closed out this log by adding "_1999" to all file names

Latest observations: 01 December, Sawpit Canyon, Tom and Jane; 09 December, Mt. Wilson Toll Road, Jane; 14 December, Ruby Canyon, Bailey Canyon, Tom and Jane

Full: telegraph weed

Ending: cliff-aster, California fuchsia, senecio

Gone: California buckwheat, goldenbush, goldenrod

November 30, 1999 added common sunflower, merged all sunflowers with note about blooming any time of year.

November 29, 1999 updated all pages; this is THE month for fall color!

Latest observations: 01 November, Placerita Canyon and Little Tujunga Road, 03 November, Chilao area, by Jane; 15 November, Big Rock Creek and Big Pines, Jane and Tom

New: Leaf (color): cottonwood, rose, willow, walnut

Ending: California buckwheat, cliff-aster, Wright's buckwheat, California fuchsia, Indian paintbrush, blazing star, goldenrod, rabbitbrush, senecio

Fruit: blackberry, thimbleberry, chokecherry, serviceberry, flannelbush
Leaves: poison oak, bigleaf maple
Seeds: mountain mahogany
Flowers: woolstar, bush mallow, feabane, poodledog bush, sulfurflower, wallflower

Added url for leaf of cottonwood
Merged sunflower entries since there are several similar species.

October 24, 1999 updated all pages; there were no additions this month for the first time!

Latest Observations: 03 October, Big Rock Creek, Devil's Punchbowl; 14 October, Angeles Forest Highway; 19 October, Mt. Baldy Road to Manker Flat; 22 October, Mt. Wilson and Barley Flats by Jane

Gone: alyssum, granite prickly gilia, linanthus, popcorn flower, morning glory, corn lily, prickly poppy, virgin's bower, white sage, yarrow, chamise, laurel sumac, gilia, columbine, penstemon, scarlet bugler, scarlet monkeyflower, snowplant, yucca, evening primrose, yellow monkeyflower, sneezeweed, tree poppy, beardtongue, gilia

Ending: cliff-aster, mountain mahogany, Wright's buckwheat, paintbrush, blazing star, sulfur flower, woolstar, bush mallow, fleabane, poodledog bush, water speedwell

Full: California fuchsia, goldenbush, goldenrod, rabbitbrush, senecio, telegraph weed, tree tobacco

September 26, 1999 updated all pages

9/1 Mt. Lewis, 9/7 Buckhorn area, 9/11 Mt. Mooney, 9/14 Vincent Gap, 9/19 South Mt. Hawkins, visited by Jane; 9/16 Blue Ridge - Baldy area by Tom; 9/21 Jackson Flat area by both of us

Gone: prickly phlox, scarlet larkspur, orange bush monkeyflower, lupine, yerba santa, bedstraw, imbricate phacelia

Ending: gilia, red columbine, paintbrush, heartleaf penstemon, scarlet bugler, scarlet monkeyflower, snowplant, dodder, woolstar, beardtongue, California buckwheat, cliff-aster, corn lily, prickly poppy, yarrow, laurel sumac, golden eardrops, sneezeweed

Fruit: snowberry, flannelbush (fremontia) (seed)

Full: California fuchsia, fleabane

Added: Wright's buckwheat, squaw currant (fruit), poodle-dog bush, bush mallow, serviceberry (fruit), chokecherry (fruit), coffeeberry (fruit)

September 8, 1999 9/1/99 on SR2 to Mt. Lewis and 9/7/99 on SR2 to Buckhorn Flat, both by Jane

Added to cream and yellow only:

fruit for elderberry
bloom for goldenrod, goldenbush near Charlton-Chilao RA

blooming in September: everlasting, blazing star, rabbitbrush, senecio, sulfur flower, telegraph weed, tree tobacco, common mullein

ending: yellow monkeyflower, wallflower (saw one still blooming at Buckhorn!)

gone for September: cinquefoil, deerweed

notes: everlasting and telegraph weed seem to have had a mid-summer pause and are beginning to bloom again

August 16, 1999 update by Jane along SR2 to Throop Peak, July 21; to Mt. Williamson, August 2; and to Blue Ridge, August 10

added: corn lily, common mullein, sneezeweed, sulfur flower, woolstar, fleabane

beginning: rabbitbrush

full: California buckwheat, cliff-aster, prickly poppy, white sage, yarrow, laurel sumac, gilia, snowberry, California fuchsia, paintbrush, scarlet monkeyflower, dodder, elderberry, yucca, blazing star, evening primrose, golden eardrops, yellow monkeyflower, senecio, tree tobacco, purple penstemon sp.

notes: blazing star best seen on SR2 between Islip Saddle and Wrightwood on distrubed road cuts and berms in early morning, evening primrose opens late afternoon, woolstar is spectacular this year along SR2 especially at Charlton-Chilao RA, Three Points parking lot and Blue Ridge Road

ending: granite prickly gilia, linanthus, popcorn flower, sweet pea, smoothleaf yerba santa, chamise, rockrose, orange bush monkeyflower, wallflower, Spanish broom, tree poppy, beardtongue, lupine

seed: mountain mahogany, virgin's bower, bigleaf maple

fruit: California blackberry, thimbleberry, rose

gone: shooting star, chaparral whitethorn, California lilac, chia

changed: url for buckwheat picture

July 17, 1999 update by jane along SR2, July 13; Mt. Baldy Canyon, July 15; Eaton Canyon, July 17
senecio, Hooker's evening primrose, poison oak leaves, holly leaf cherry fruit
laurel sumac, yellow monkeyflower
updated to full:
popcorn flower, blackberry, buckwheat, cliff-aster, morning glory, nightshade, prickly poppy, imbricate phacelia, thimbleberry, virgin's bower (MBC), white sage, yarrow, yerba santa, chamise, mountain mahogany, elderberry, yucca, cinquefoil, golden eardrops, tree tobacco
updated to ending or gone:
alyssum, horehound, poison hemlock, water cress, hoaryleaf ceanothus, manzanita sp., eupatory, mule fat, golden yarrow, black mustard, canyon sunflower, golden violet

July 13, 1999 update by jane along SR2 to Buckhorn Peak:
added: California fuchsia

updated to ending:
prickly phlox

updated to full:
California rose
castor bean
scarlet larkspur
scarlet monkeyflower
scarlet bugler

1 July 1999 update by jane:
url for flannelbush

scarlet bugler to full
wild cucumber to ending

linanthus, Charlton Flat 6-15, Lightning Ridge and Burkhart Trail near Buckhorn 6-28
granite prickly gilia, Mt. Hillyer 6-22, Burkhart Trail near Buckhorn 6-28
white shooting star, SR2 mm 67.6 6-28
mariposa lily, Mt. Hillyer 6-22, Lightning Ridge and Burkhart Trail near Buckhorn 6-28
prickly poppy, South Fork Campground 6-9, Lightning Ridge 6-28
imbricate phacelia, South Fork Campground 6-9, Mt. Hillyer 6-22, Lightning Ridge 6-28
thimbleberry, 6/28 Buckhorn
gilia 6/28 Lightning Ridge
rose 6/28 Buckhorn
beavertail cactus (rmr) 6-17 Devil's Punchbowl area
whispering bells 6/28 Lightning Ridge
golden eardrops 6/17 Mt. Lowe
cinquefoil 6/15 Vetter Mt., 6/28 Burkhart Trail, Lightning Ridge, SR2 mm 67.6

27 June 1999 updated url for strong's noticeable butterflies in blooms and bloom_id.

22 June 1999 added clearer reference to this update log in blooms and bloom_id.

21 June 1999 updated blooms. Tom:
updated snowplant to full for June from south fork trail to islip saddle on 9 June.

20 June 1999 Jane:
Added beardtongue - Vetter Mtn Trail 6/15, Mt. Lowe 6/17, West Fork 6/19
Updated to beginning for June - buckwheat - Vetter Mtn Trail 6/15, Mt. Lowe 6/17
Updated to full for June - miner's lettuce, West Fork 6/19; horehound, West Fork 6/19; yellow violet, Vetter Mtn Trail 6/15, Mt. Lowe 6/17; tree poppy, SR2 6/15, 17, 19; telegraph weed, Mt. Lowe 6/17; California bells, Sam Merrill Trail 6/9, Mt. Wilson Toll Road 6/11; water speedwell, West Fork 6/19
Corrected a few erroneous entries.

13 June 1999 jane added on 9 june:
on sam merrill trail: Heartleaf Penstemon, Indian Pink, Scarlet Larkspur.
changed pictures for: gilia, clarkia, penstemon to include all the common species blooming now.
Tjc broke out the bloom updates into this separate log.

7 June 1999 Jane added: a few more blooms now mentioned below 6 june for simplicity; white sweet pea added separately; updated rockrose to full; changed Canterbury Bells to California Bells; updated blooms.

6 June 1999 Updated blooms from jane:
Additions from San Gabriel Canyon: Dudlelya, Yucca, Blazing Star, Prickly pear, Clarkia, Penstemon
Flannel Bush, Kentucky Canyon, Angeles Forest Highway, June 5, 1999
Yellow violet, Lightning Ridge and Little Santa Anita (tjc)

Prickly Phlox (abundant), Scarlet columbine, Dodder, Orange monkeyflower (abundant), Paintbrush, Elderberry, Everlasting, Deerweed, Mustard, Spanish Broom, Sweet Clover, Tree Tobacco, Wallflower, Golden yarrow, Lavender-colored thistle (abundant), Lupine, Yerba Santa

From tjc, toll road:
purple nightshade, canterbury bells, blue dicks, California lilac, chamise, baby blue eyes, white sweet pea, gilia, blue larkspur, and castor bean.

4 June 1999 Jane (San Gabriel Canyon Road):
Blackberry (native)
Virgin's Bower
White Sage
Yerba Santa (white-flowered)
Tom (Eaton Canyon)
Canyon Sunflower
White nightshade

27 May 1999 corrected link to next part of table in bloom_idwhite, and removed redundant link. Updated blooms for May - full for wallflower, lupine from randall.

25 May 1999 Updated blooms. Added new strong observations to bloom_id: Scarlet Bugler - common on May 15, Angeles Forest Highway; May 20, Angeles Crest Highway; narrowleaf goldenbush - abundant on Angeles Forest Highway N3 from SR14 to Mill Creek Summit; observed May 15.

15 May 1999 updated blooms from jane from her sr2 travels: added prickly phlox and yerba santa.

10 May 1999 corrected spelling of mahogany in blooms, corrected manz. to big-berry manz. and added manz. sp. to bloom_id; added blooms_elsewhere.

7 May 1999 updated blooms and bloom_id.
strong bloom_id updates:
from Roy Randall, May 5
added - snowplant, mountain mahogany, laurel sumac
updated to full - chaparral whitethorn, sugarbush, Indian paintbrush, chia
from Jane Strong, May 5, observed at Eaton Canyon
added - watercress, elderberry, blue-eyed grass
updated to beginning - Spanish broom (smells wonderful!)
updated to full for May - alyssum, popcorn flower, cow parsnip, horehound, poison hemlock, California poppy, dodder, orange bush monkeyflower, eupatory, deerweed, mustard, suncup, encelia californica, telegraph weed, oats, filaree, caterpillar phacelia, black sage
updated to full for April - (because I saw them blooming in May ;-), didn't update for May because I don't know how long they will last; all were blooming in April and March but not previously noted for April)
white nightshade, mule fat, golden yarrow, euphorbia
updated to beginning for April - deerweed, not previously noted, but was marked beginning for March

4 May 1999 updated url of strong's butterfly page in other, blooms and bloom_id.

1 May 1999 added strong's butterfly page to other, and links to it from blooms and bloom_id.

25 April 1999 added columbine to bloom_id; updated blooms.

24 April 1999 Strong bloom id updates:
added popcorn flower, bedstraw, cow parsnip, morning glory, poison hemlock, holly-leaf cherry, Fremont cottonwood, red maids, pineapple weed, sun cup, sweet clover, golden currant fruit, chia, wild canterbury bells, caterpillar phacelia, wild radish, and water speedwell.
updated many to "full" bloom.
Tjc bloom updates:
Full: baby blue eyes, sweet pea, calif. lilac, purple nightshade, cucumber
Beginning: blue dicks.

9 April 1999 js: corrected typo in culinary, added * to b. nigra
added link to dahl memorial in deaths.

8 April 1999 added culinary plants from js.

4 April 1999 updated bugs for js observations
blooms by js:
added horehound
added poison oak
added rockrose (seen on grizzly flat, san olene, sunset ridge, ccc ridge, could it have been
planted by the USFS?)
added fruit to manzanita and chaparral currant
updated chickweed to ending
updated sugar bush, paintbrush, lupine, black sage, c. crassifolius to full
moved the anchor tag from (more) to scientific name to reduce cell size on bay tree, wild
cucumber, tree poppy and c. crassifolius
corrected pearly everlasting to everlasting, g. californicum to g. sp.
changed a name tag from greenish-yellow to yellowgreen to match a href in navigation bar
changed header to yellow-green for consistency

3 April 1999 converted blooms into 3 files.
Changed "one woody stem" to "one woody trunk".
Manipulated CalFlora URLs over six lines to circa one or one-and-one-half lines.
Added color bars to improve navigation and anchor tags.

27 March 1999
updated last observation to 26 mar on san olene fr, with link.
added fruit to fuchsia-flowered gooseberry
added yellowish-green header
added euphorbia characias (seen on brown mtn fr, ccc ridge fr, san olene fr, pasadena
glen-davis canyon, new york drive during march)
added baby blue eyes (seen on san olene fr)

24 March 1999 moved wild cucumber to no woody stems category; updated sgva link in other pages with comments.

23 March 1999
Bloom update:
linked fish canyon trail to reference.
eliminated "I" in two places.
added text to match the new divisions.
added 1999 table
added color headers with group descriptions
moved plants to appropriate groups
changed bgcolor and a-tag for coast live oak to yellow and live oak
added white alder, bigleaf maple, black walnut, and black sage
added mailto to a-tag for e-mail to jane

21 March 1999 corrected my error of putting tree tobacco and poppy into "trees" category!

20 March 1999 updated blooms with more plants from strong, separated white blooms by height, separated yellow blooms by tree-ness, explicitly added use of table for bloom id. Added link to "bloom id guide" to index.

19 March 1999 updated blooms to much improved table, thanks to strong.

13 March 1999 updated bugs, blooms and trail conditions.

10 March 1999 Updated blooms from strong.

1 March 1999 updated blooms with strong's input.

23 February 1999 updated blooms.

15 February 1999 updated plants blooming with more strong input; added note on bay tree.

13 February 1999 updated plants blooming with strong's input.

28 January 1999 transposed the table in blooms at the suggestion of strong.

27 January 1999 updated blooms, adding a significant number of new plants from randall and strong.

17 January 1999 added links to pix of blooms, again thanks to jane strong, and her bloom observations in conditions.

13 January 1999 added links to strong's leaf log and seasons from main page and conditions;

5 January 1999 Added pix and id for everlasting in plants blooming, and changed rabbitbrush link to live url. (all from strong).

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