Updates to Afoot & Afield in Los Angeles County 2000 edition

This page lists updates and typo corrections to the San Gabriel Mountains portion of the September 2000 Second edition of Afoot & Afield in Los Angeles County. If you know of further corrections, or if you find any of these corrections in error, please email me your input, and I'll put them online with credit to you. This effort will help hikers to have more accurate and updated information, as well as allow Schad and Wilderness Press to improve the next printing.

Nothing below is intended as criticism of Afoot & Afield in Los Angeles County, since it is difficult if not impossible to hike 100 trails in the year or two before a guidebook must go to press. Thus it is entirely expected that the guidebook would be out of date for some trails even at the moment it appears, and increasingly out of date with time.

I list the typo corrections separately below.

Updates and Error Corrections

Trip or Chapter NameUpdate or Correction
A-4: 3Condor Peak - Trail CanyonThe trail was significantly improved in late 1998, so at least currently is no longer "infrequently maintained, sometimes eroded, and often overgrown". See Trail "Bulldozing" in the San Gabriel Mountains.
A-4: 4Mount Lukens - Grizzly Flat LoopIn early 2000, the last segment from Grizzly Flats to Big Tujunga Creek is now overgrown with poison oak and heavy chaparral.
A-5: 1Switzer FallsSwitzer Picnic Area is no longer "closed to public use". It is now open 6 am to 10 pm, with the entry gate closed at 6:00 pm (car exit still possible). Periodic short-term closure sometimes occur due to plague or heavy use.
A-6: 1-5, 13(Hikes beginning at Chantry Flat)The Chantry Flat Road was closed to all traffic, including hikers and bicyclists, from 12/26/99 through 8/16/00 due to the Santa Anita II arson fire, and the subsequent undermining of the road by rain and mudslides. The Road was reopened temporarily on 8/17/00, but will be closed at the first sign of rain since $250,000 of major repairs to the road, its culverts and its debris basins are still needed. The road will be repaired permanently sometime in 2001. Hence make sure the road is open by calling (626) 574-5200 before you hike. See Chantry Flat for more information.
A-6: 6Mount HarvardMt. Harvard itself is now inaccessible. See Mt. Wilson to Harvard-Wilson Saddle, Mt. Harvard.
A-6: 8Bailey CanyonThe "unfinished trail on the right" has been complete to the saddle below Jones Peak since at least 1997. Sometime in 2001 the trail was further extended to meet the Mt. Wilson Trail in Little Santa Anita Canyon.
A-6: 10Henninger FlatsSee parking restrictions at trailhead and new gate hours.
A-6: 12Rattlesnake - Valley Forge TrailThe Rattlesnake Trail was renamed the Kenyon De Vore Trail sometime between 1995 and 1998.
A-7: 4Mount HillyerBe aware that if you use the option to drive to Horse Flats Campground to shorten the hike, that a day use fee for the Campground is required. The Adventure Pass won't do.
A-8(Introduction and all hikes)3,000 acres around Little Rock Creek have been completely closed to public access since January 1999, and will remain so until at least February 2003. See also Road Closures.
A-9(Introduction)The San Gabriel Canyon daily parking pass was replaced with the Adventure Pass in August 2000.
A-12: 3Sunset RidgeSometime before 5/15/00, the owners of the private property at Cow Canyon Saddle posted a "Private Property - No Trespassing" sign at the gate for this trailhead. The Forest Service recommends that hikers use a new unsigned trailhead near mile marker 7.78 that is 3.3 miles farther west on Glendora Ridge Road, which adds a half mile to this trip. See Cow Canyon Saddle to Sunset Peak Update.


Location of ErrorTypoCorrectionSource Of Correction
A-12: Map, p. 273, lower left outside borderTrip 3: See Area B-9 MapTrip 3: See Area A-9 MapTJC

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