Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

This page contains the updates from 3/1/00 to 9/30/00. Earlier updates are linked at the bottom of this page. See Later Updates for the most current updates.

19 September 2000 updated search database, since last one failed partway through.

15 September 2000 updated search database.

13 September 2000 clarified links in plants/blooms and conditions/blooms that observations with locations contain the latest observations.

12 September 2000 added link to trail conditions/roads to "road conditions"; minor update to trail conditions.

11 September 2000 added UC Cooperative Extension in Marin County's sudden oak death to plants/oaks/sudden death.

9 September 2000 updated temperatures.

8 September 2000 added note about turning on javascript in search page.

7 September 2000 added fallbrook bug estimates to plot of bug severity.

6 September 2000 finally updated list of my hikes for this year; added new plot of bug severity vs. time.

4 September 2000 added sr2 special enforcement to places/sr2, general trail conditions/roads.

3 September 2000 added etreking's page to links to index page.

2 September 2000 updated trail conditions and bugs.

1 September 2000 added more camping info to activities/camping; reopening of chantry flat road to news, places/chantry flat and tota98 updates; linked places/chantry flat from regions/mt. wilson; corrected previous error of calling it chantry flats; added changes to switzer trail camp to tota98 updates and news (from chandler); added status of 3N06 closure at Guffy to news and hike 93 info; added info about sunset peak road to tota98 updates and news; added new sunset peak west approach to baldy hikes.

23 August 2000 added Mt. Waterman Ski Patrol link to activities/winter sports.

20 August 2000 added 1/24/00 in canada and 5/3/00 in oregon lion attacks.

13 August 2000 added wolf, socalhiker, and desertmud hike pages to unindexed links.

5 August 2000 added mtn lion foundation link to lion attacks.

1 August 2000 corrected bad link for 31.1 in miles and number; added forest service in the news links from fseee in news (thanks to ayers).

31 July 2000 added two specific detail pages for fire information from current wildland fire info link in conditions / fire info; added disturbing influences of dogs and cats on wildlife in faq/dogs and natural history/animals; added bartlett lake, az, mtn lion attack.

30 July 2000 updated urls for the Fire Weather Forecast and the California Wildfire Coordination Group.

26 July 2000 added mt. wilson private property for sale page from bierke; corrected url error at bottom of page for sheep mountain.

24 July 2000 added brod's Errors In The Suunto Compass to analysis pages.

22 July 2000 added waterman/twin peaks trail writeup; new hikes: 59.x and 60.x; corrected title of former 59.1 which was meant to be buckhorn to twin peaks, not three points to twin peaks (thanks to Michael Stolting; this error correction stimulated me to make all these changes); updated sort by number and sort by miles.

21 July 2000 added valentien california wildflowers watercolors to plants/index/databases; two more sudden oak death links to plants/index/oaks; jane added Dictionary of Botanical Epithets to plants/unlabeled.

18 July 2000 jane added penstemon key; added randall's and tjc's ceanothus seed observations to keys/ceanothus.

17 July 2000 we added more links to pct page; moved it to its proper home in trails; moved sr39 reopening info from south mt. hawkins lookout page to news and added opening date from anf office.

16 July 2000 we added pct page to hikes.

15 July 2000 added link to oak flat trail, monrovia canyon falls trail, both from jane, in trails; updated url for sierra club, for the third or fourth time in as many years, in volunteer org (needs to be done for other links as well); linked maxon's pages to #11, 14 and 36; put rest of maxon's trail pages not yet linked to hikes in links to add.

14 July 2000 added more on sierra club outings in organized hikes, including pasadena group link; added link to that page in Field Guide/hiking; changed name of such hikes on main hikes page; changed subheading in volunteer groups to conservation and added pasadena group's conservation page.

13 July 2000 reindexed search database; added analysis of accuracy of etrex saved tracks.

12 July 2000 added new anf supervisor, monrovia vote outcome and more chantry flat road closure info to news; chantry flat places page (that I had accidentally linked on 6/17 while the page was in progress); closure to bikers and hikers in trail conditions; jane updated bloom observations.

27 June 2000 updated changed url for fire weather forecast for SGM; updated all links to chris brennen's hike pages to his new url.

21 June 2000 updated general trail conditions; colby trail conditions (#36).

20 June 2000 jane added oak links and three more picture database links to plants/index; added SGM to unlabeled plant links name, and added bloom_id to California Plant Pictures and Databases.

19 June 2000 we added California Plant Pictures and Databases to plants/index.

18 June 2000 jane added rocco's tree key to plants/keys.

17 June 2000 jane added vetter mountain lookout pages, linked from places; search function is now working properly again.

16 June 2000 added link to current and historical ozone maps, updated info on when the worst smog occurs in the day.

12 June 2000 updated barley flats trail with bell input about downed tree needing only a hand saw to remove it.

10 June 2000 added road closure for hike 93, from ruetman; wilderness links from official anf page to numbers/wilderness; schad's roamarama 84 hike (from jane); "bridge to nowhere" in trip 84 name; finally updated links by site to include updates since april.

6 June 2000 added links to shawn price's inspiration point hike and to russell bell's barley flats hike; updated barley flats trail and hike using bell's info and new pedometer calibration; added bell's bflats, roundtop ridge, and alder creek trail writeups to trails/index.

4 June 2000 added warning about search function being down to search.

3 June 2000 added link to latest webtrends report for entire domain to SGM/site/no. hits.

31 May 2000 jane added swinney's flora list and gino's wilson wildflowers to plants/index.

29 May 2000 refined links/13 page with some input from jane and corrected mileages to include vasquez creek portion; added tota98 correction for hike 13 from brian trudell; added link to links/13 in tota98 versions; added bear link to varmints page.

28 May 2000 added links/13 page to give brief guides to the various grizzly flat trails, added hike 16-4 and added mileages for it and 16-5.

27 May 2000 added links to jane's nathist page in Field Guide/nathist; jane's maps in Field Guide/ maps; jane's relief maps in Field Guide / maps / topo maps.

26 May 2000 I corrected an error I had made for ccc ridge mileage and 2n80 in sr2 log.

25 May 2000 we updated sr2 log with a number of new observations.

24 May 2000 updated bugs from jane; added dfg coyote ref to coyotes, from jane.

23 May 2000 Added update on Burnt Peak Trail from Russell Bell in TOTA98 updates / hike #3 and to links/3; added his gillette mine trail to TOTA98 updates / hike #2 and to links/2.

22 May 2000 updated bugs; added page on coyote attacks on people; added link to aumann's new page on gps post-SA.

21 May 2000 jane and I added millard canyon trail; jane added her hike writeup for that hike; updated mileage to the actual 1.5 miles roundtrip from the parking lot, not the 1 mile from robinson.

20 May 2000 added link to new srp bloom id guide from SGM bloom id guide.

19 May 2000 linda ainsworth updated her shoemaker canyon hike writeup.

12 May 2000 added links to tom harrison maps, wilderness press and fine edge productions for maps in books/recreation; added first edition of mckinney's day hikes to books and revised description for the second edition; added salcedo's book.

10 May 2000 added page with comments on caltrans sr2 status page, and cautionary note for caltrans snow depth page.

9 May 2000 updated trail conditions with anderberg's input; updated snow level.

8 May 2000 updated temps.

7 May 2000 jane added sumac key and more info to plants / keys / index.

6 May 2000 jane added link to schmidt's ceanothus key in natural history / plants / keys /ceanothus, and links to our other ceanothus descriptive pages; jane corrected typo for nancy dale's name in books.

5 May 2000 added "slight" for fragrance for hairy ceanothus in natural hist/ plants / keys.

2 May 2000 jane removed link to antelope valley heritage association since the founder died and the association no longer exists; jane added keys to identifying pines and ceanothus species in SGM; we corrected links at bottom of sr2 veg guide to be more appropriate.

1 May 2000 added bloom observation locations link to conditions/plants blooming and plants/index.

24 April 2000 added ava's new release page to news.

23 April 2000 added history of tpl purchase of overturff trail area to that page; updated news to give numbers for littlerock area closure (3/7/00), date of suit filing (6/18/98), red frog suit, and added web links at cbd; removed scott martin's 16.7 link since his page is gone; finally removed remaining 3 bad schad links.

22 April 2000 made new page for 77-3 links, moving askari's link there; added aumann's gps pages to 76, 77, 77-3; verified links on all, updated wilkens url on 76; changed tjc's analysis pages to all analysis pages; added aumann's gps and dgps pages there and on hikes main page; updated search page to give last reindex date, warning about non-current index, and number of pages and words indexed; added los padres news release page to news, as well as 1-2 week delay warning; added biodiversity lawsuit settlement to news; split news into 3 smaller files; split out updates prior to 3/1/00 from this file.

21 April 2000 updated forest fee info with current info, more links, legal status, disposition of collected money, more negative implications; added links to deaths, lions, trails in news; updated temps; updated url for hps tick link and added ticks of California, san gorgonio conditions links to trail conditions; updated trail conditions for bugs, ticks; added 2 poison oak links to bugs.

20 April 2000 we updated snow levels in conditions; jane updated bloom observations.

18 April 2000 updated site map only to fix error due to changed location of rubio_topo.

17 April 2000 jane added ritter ranch link to places; added info from erik about hiking the old fish canyon trail in 1996 to trails/fish canyon.

16 April 2000 added aumann's trail conditions for 36, 37, 59 and 60, including a new page for 59.

15 April 2000 updated trail conditions from official anf april report from jane.

13 April 2000 added two deaths; updated trail, bug and snow conditions.

8 April 2000 updated bug and varmint conditions.

7 April 2000 we updated trail conditions, and added paragraph on the snow levels during storms in 2000 to conditions/snow.

6 April 2000 we updated snow level.

5 April 2000 added new page of probably non-mountain lion attacks that were initially reported as being lion attacks.

4 April 2000 added infrequent problem with emails page.

1 April 2000 corrected errors in rubio canyon page, and added info, all thanks to paul ayers; updated temps.

31 March 2000 corrected bad historical timeline link in rubio canyon page; balanced the pictures from 5/29; split long rubio waterfalls and damage page into two pages and renamed it; changed all links to that page here; added two dollins hikes to unindexed hikes page; added opening of old fish canyon trail for a single day each year in trails/fish canyon.

30 March 2000 added places page on rubio canyon and pictures of rubio canyon destruction on 5/29/99. the previous page on rubio is now linked from that page.

27 March 2000 added confirmation that the barley flats - upper big tujunga new trail is for ohv use to news; amended news item about alder creek bulldozed path to remove speculation about it being an ohv route as well; indexed shuttle radar topographic pictures in lists/pictures, also referenced from Field Guide/general/topographic info; added Deformation and Geologic History, North of the San Andreas Fault, to Field Guide / geology; added San Gabriel 50 km ultramarathon to Field Guide/ activities / running.

26 March 2000 added buckhorn ski club to Field Guide/activities/winter sports.

25 March 2000 added more explanation about how to get full information on a hike in intro_hike.

24 March 2000 we updated snow level; added erickson's san antonio falls to 91-2; added both her links to links by site; added camping Southern California to books:recreation:camping.

22 March 2000 added maxon's trail pages to trails; his main page to Field Guide/hiking; link to high temps in San Diego County mountains; updated plots of high temps.

21 March 2000 updated trail conditions using jim carter input.

18 March 2000 corrected mtn lion page to give the correct number of attacks before 1991. I had erroneously stated that there were no deaths from 1910 through 1990, whereas there were in fact 7 deaths during that time.

17 March 2000 added minor clarification to snow page; updated trail and bug conditions.

16 March 2000 we added page explaining snow level vs. time, updated snow level.

14 March 2000 updated closure of chantry flat in trail conditions and news.

13 March 2000 deleted ref to old ava site at their request in Field Guide/general/overview; corrected typo in linda's email in lion attacks.

12 March 2000 we updated snow level.

11 March 2000 put in caveat about dates for topo maps from usgs site.

10 March 2000 added new category of 4wd to activities with numerous links, and driving in snow category with bing's page.

9 March 2000 we updated snow level.

8 March 2000 we updated url for ava.

7 March 2000 we added table of trail numbers and names to analysis/roads, linked from trails/index; converted tables of road and trail locations to look more like the map; added more info to page as well; I added lambrecht's hiking page to backlog page and on sbirdoo pages.

6 March 2000 we added table of trails on anf map to analysis page on roads; I added brown's cooper canyon falls writeup; linked robinson's and erickson's cooper canyon falls writeups; removed dead shaffer link from strong's buckhorn 3 page.

5 March 2000 added places/mt_wilson and linked it in Field Guide/history.

4 March 2000 updated snow level.

2 March 2000 updated to new url for san dimas nature center.

1 March 2000 added link to natural bridge model and link for anf road index to analysis pages; topo map index for sbirdoos; forest service map to books; jane added sandberg to weather and san dimas nature center link to places and family hikes; replaced claremont wilderness park bad link (chamber) with city link.

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