Update Log for San Gabriel Mountains Websites

This page contains the updates from 10/1/00 to 12/28/01. Earlier updates are linked at the bottom of this page. See Later Updates for the most current updates.

28 December 2001 added link to California poppy key by curtis to Field Guide / plants / keys.

26 December 2001 jane added California gymnosperm link to Field Guide / plants / unlabeled links; organized some of the links better; changed "anonymous reader" of 12/21 to David Rosenberg; added his 12/23 report for Three Points and his expanded 12/21 report.

24 December 2001 updated trail conditions and bugs with jane's report from 18 december.

21 December 2001 added cnps manual of California vegetation to plants / communities; usda plant db to plants / unlabeled; and their image gallery to plants / image db; updated trail conditions, kenyon devore and iron mountain trails with input from David Rosenberg.

20 December 2001 added charters plant pix and meaning of latin names to plants / db and plants / unlabeled links.

17 December 2001 added a new section to trails / bailey canyon which specifically describes all the various bailey canyon trails and non-trails. This revision was stimulated by input from mac pigman, and mac's information is explicitly credited on that page.

14 December 2001 corrected typo in "how to calculate distances, azimuths, etc., in analysis, (pi/180) to (180/pi), thanks to an anonymous reader.

11 December 2001 added link to conifers of California from plants / keys / pines.

10 December 2001 updated black bear numbers with deaths from hunters (Field Guide / animals; added chilao visitor center is now really reopen (news); jane updated willow key (plants / keys).

9 December 2001 changed defunct link for "other" page for SGM salamander to natureserve's page, thanks to input from Jeffrey Caldwell.

2 December 2001 jane revised diagram for willow winter bud scale; corrected typo in keys / willows; added srp pix for leaf for shining willow; updated links for mt. high webcam and arroyo seco stream height in conditions, thanks to Ray Madachy.

30 November 2001 jane added link to santa rosa mountains page.

27 November 2001 we added links to fs planning documents (mtn biking to activities / mtn biking; foothills assessment to nathist / plants and / animals; fs policy for noxious weeds to nathist / plants; maps to general / maps); added mark reyes' input for condor peak trail and attributed his tick report to him by name after he granted permission to do so.

25 November 2001 corrected typo in 1998 tchikes referring to 26-1 hike; updated altitude for wrightwood weather station; removed link for erroneous saw-tooth goldenbush pix in id_yellow files; corrected typos in 1999 tchikes referring to Grand Canyon hikes; updated url for huell howser video on roy murphy, thanks to input from john aziz; updated trail conditions, including a tick report from an anonymous reader.

24 November 2001 added wrightwoodcalif.com link, colby canyon, and wrightwood lacounty school sites to places; added wrightwood weather page and cameras to conditions/ weather and cams, all thanks to maggie wolfe; removed swimming holes since that page is restricted to members only now.

20 November 2001 we added jepson comments page and link to it from nathist / plants / unlabeled links.

19 November 2001 added revised visitor information to numbers; updated "add an update" to state updates go in general trail conditions first, and to state privacy policy for email correspondents; added links to pictures from manzanita trail, and to places / vincent gap; updated trail conditions for manzanita trail, and linked two seasons reports for it; linked all seasons reports to places / vincent gap.

14 November 2001 updated nws links for temperature predictions for cities, in conditions/weather forecast.

10 November 2001 js corrected typo in plants / keys / willows.

9 November 2001 js updated status of chilao vc in news.

8 November 2001 added new extension of forest fees to that page.

6 November 2001 slightly expanded the michelson speed of light from mt. wilson experiment description, making it clearer, thanks to input from george tucker. (places / mt. wilson)

5 November 2001 added the detailed calculation for the ratio of the death rate from mountain lions to the death rate from automobiles, linked from lists / mountain lion attacks.

4 November 2001 updated trail, bug conditions; archived 2001 reports; updated news for fs regulations, rubio mitigation input, rubio lawsuit settlement from ayers, and a number of 2001 items from the recreation updates. Finally added bailey canyon info from gene kopan and david sotnick, to news, trail conditions, and bailey canyon trail.

30 October 2001 jane added link on forest roads to "numbering of forest roads and trails".

29 October 2001 we added links for geology animation of formation of SGM, and for geology of neighboring los padres nf.

25 October 2001 jane added wrapper page for parish goldenbush pix.

24 October 2001 eliminated erroneous id of goldenbush (had formerly identified what was probably isocoma menziesii ssp. vernonioides at Woodson Mountain as hazardia squarrosa), replaced link in pix to parish's goldenbush; added complete list of manzanitas in SGM to parry manzanita page; added another link (from jane) for l.a. county leash law to faq / dogs; significantly revised the faq for "Are "human-caused fires" tragedies for the SGM?" and "What are the impacts on the SGM caused by humans?", in light of the new knowledge that fire suppression is actually a good thing, not a bad thing, for the chaparral, also adding specific examples of how chaparral species are adapted to fire; updated url for ballard's pages in three pages.

23 October 2001 added pix of parry manzanita (plants / images); summary number for dog deaths per year for comparison with lion and coyote attacks; l.a. county leash law, effect of dogs on non-dog owners on trails to faq / dogs.

22 October 2001 added link to "effect of dogs on wildlife" from faq / dogs.

18 October 2001 added link to collected works of jane from Field Guide / nathist; to bug walks in Field Guide / nathist / animals; and probable extension of the forest pass to fees.

5 October 2001 added geocaching "activity" and links, thanks to Al Weiss.

3 October 2001 added two more coyote attacks to lists/coyote attacks.

1 October 2001 updated link for swimming holes of the west, adding note about them removing the free pages, and put it under activities: swimming as well; added arundo distribution page and weed management areas to plants / unlabeled links.

30 September 2001 removed erroneous "typo" entry in aalc update page, thanks to schad; added bailey canyon trail extension, thanks to david sotnick.

24 September 2001 added plants of newport bay to plants / databases.

9 September 2001 typo corrected in willow key; finally linked chantry flat trail info to the hikes in the mt. wilson region, only a year or so after I made that page!

6 September 2001 corrected reporter to "dodie" from "pam" for #50 trail report; added link to simpson's website from his trail report.

5 September 2001 added dan simpson's #74 trail report; pam's #50 trail report, my #50 trail report from last year, and new page on kenyon devore trail. Added colored headers for hikes beginning at west fork road which are no longer possible.

1 September 2001 jane added goldenbush key.

21 August 2001 moved jane's charlton and chilao pages from earthlink to here; added chilao maps to regions/chilao, including a clickable link to it from the chilao map; updated places/charlton flat to use this map. In places/charlton flat, updated url for sbnfa vetter page; added links to anf vetter page and jane's lookout journal, all under vetter, added this as main destination for places link to vetter.

19 August 2001 jane made minor updates to bats.

18 August 2001 jane added page on bats.

8 August 2001 jane added link for "manroot" for wild cucumber in plants/climbers.

7 August 2001 we added historical info on name of the SGM to "numbers".

5 August 2001 minor updates to climbing plants; added better explanations of the dominant bloom color vs. time for 1999 in blooms by month 1999.

4 August 2001 added Climbing Plants of the San Gabriel Mountains (plants/unlabeled links).

30 July 2001 added links to usda fire info animal and plant species pages to Field Guide / plants/unlabeled links and Field Guide/ animals; corrected error in dates in "new links and pages" from /00 to /01!; updated bugs with bug, rattlesnake, and bear info, and updated shelby fire info.

29 July 2001 updated trail conditions with input from linda ainsworth and terry morse; added link to texas a&m plant image gallery in Field Guide / plants/ databases; corrected error in ftp'ing plants/keys/everlasting.html.

22 July 2001 added link to cnps - SGM chapter in Field Guide/plants; jane updated url for mcp in places/monrova canyon park.

20 July 2001 updated accuracy of trail mileages with more explicit discussion of pedometer errors, and a correction of a typo, thanks to input from an anonymous reader.

15 July 2001 jane updated willow and penstemon keys in plants.

5 July 2001 updated conditions; added more on bite of snipe fly to bugs.

1 July 2001 added link to san dimas canyon webpage in places, and their nathist guide in nathist/general.

30 June 2001 added California academy of sciences wildflower pix page, and published books, to plants/databases.

18 June 2001 updated trails, bugs; added specific dog leash regulation to faq/dogs; added "biting snipe flies" instead of "deer flies", in bugs, thanks to gordon pratt input; updated news; jane updated fees with crystal lake info; added no fires in 2000 in trails thanks to an anonymous reader; updated two urls for fire info in conditions/fire info.

13 June 2001 updated url for stony ridge observatory in msc / volunteer orgs.

12 June 2001 added rate of lyme disease in California, and need for 72 hours of attachment, to varmints, thanks to jane.

27 May 2001 added to trail conditions input from "mountain-man" that the slide near the mueller tunnel has now been cleared.

26 May 2001 updated general trail conditions and bugs, with input from dave anderberg, terry morse and jane. Added more info to bugs, including separating canyon flies from black flies, and how to identify the flies. Updated url for fire weather forecast.

14 May 2001 corrected url given at bottom of links/57, and added text about #58 being a subset of this hike.

13 May 2001 updated bugs.

5 May 2001 added link for qualls new arroyo seco hike to links/15.

19 April 2001 added total escape's California wildflowers to {plants blooming elsewhere}.

18 April 2001 updated trail conditions from Jack Chandler; bear creek trail conditions from Aura Luna-Escudero.

9 April 2001 added links to amphibians of us and tadpole key to animals/amphibians.

8 April 2001 changed credits for bsac cabinowner's link.

6 April 2001 added bowles wildflower pages to plant databases.

3 April 2001 updated trail conditions from april rec update; added closure of Chilao visitor center.

2 April 2001 added link to big santa anita canyon page in places; linked it and trails/chantry flat from places/chantry flat; updated trail conditions.

29 March 2001 removed leach lion attack from CA page (I had erroneously left it in there after moving it to the non-CA page), thanks to Jo Deurbrouck.

28 March 2001 made link at bottom of Field Guide/trails go to Field Guide, instead of referring to the same page.

23 March 2001 jane added lizard page.

22 March 2001 updated amphibian list with more sources; listed threatened ones; linked it to numbers and updated the amphibian numbers there; linked it to mountain yellow-legged frog page; linked numbers/mammals to jane's mammals page; jane updated blooms elsewhere with 11 new links, now linked from Field Guide/plants/blooms; jane added Notes on the Wildflower Season in Southern California.

19 March 2001 added anderberg's sr2 input to conditions.

7 March 2001 jane added amphibian list.

28 February 2001 corrected mark miedema's cougar attack and added extra info, thanks to an article sent to me from Cameron Lewis. I erroneously had duplicately listed the attack in july 1998 as well as july 1997 from an error in the sdut article. Changed url to linda's new cougar page; updated umbach's url again to his new site.

27 February 2001 added 5 lainsider.com hikes to unindexed hikes, thanks to jane; put links to trails: current road conditions, and news about sr2 closures, in places/sr2.

24 February 2001 updated trail conditions, added a link to sr2 caltrans page directly there and in main sr2 page; moved sr2 avalanche closure to news and added it to Caltrans conditions page; changed url for umbach to linda's posting.

22 February 2001 replaced my email with carter's in his wheel description; updated url for mountain lions and California state parks, removed duplicate march 1992 California attack, both thanks to Linda.

16 February 2001 we updated trail conditions; added link to page with sizes of our ticks; removed link to Caltrans snow depth page, since it has been discontinued.

15 February 2001 updated stone canyon trail (#11) with pam gilman's input; added topozone map; made trailhead change info crisper, with details in separate section; updated link to maxon's site; added description of carter's wheel odometer (written by him).

13 February 2001 we updated trail conditions and bugs; jane revised ceanothus key.

11 February 2001 added new hike 56-2, and 8 new links for 56 and 56-2, replacing the dead link discovered by a reader; added wildernet's 43 unindexed hikes to that page.

10 February 2001 added 2/8/01 cougar attack to lists/cougars, and specific yell for help to advice; map and table for places.

8 February 2001 added arroyo toad habitat designation to news; reversed order of news; added schad publication dates to news.

7 February 2001 updated url for black tourist guide to anf in fg/general info.

6 February 2001 clarified quotes in "statistics of mountain lion attacks"; added update to Colorado quote there, both thanks to Cameron Lewis.

5 February 2001 jane added more links to follows camp; added the kayaking link to beyond hiking.

4 February 2001 we added follows camp to places/

30 January 2001 added more on the 1/26/01 dog attack.

29 January 2001 added more on the 1/26/01 dog attack; jane added 12/13/00 seasons.

28 January 2001 began list of dog attacks on people, to compare with cougar attacks.

24 January 2001 put everlasting_leaves.gif online, which I had forgotten to do yesterday; rounded observed elevation range for everlasting.

23 January 2001 jane added new everlasting key to plants/keys.

22 January 2001 we added arroyo seco foundation to links/15 and places (this updated the url for the watershed management plan in places); anderberg reported fire season over, added to conditions/trails; updated closure places for sr2.

21 January 2001 jane added cnps orange county plant list to plants/databases, and chipping's Plant Communities Of The Transverse Ranges to plants/communities; we added most common plants blooming now; updated rainfall amounts in conditions/trails.

20 January 2001 added google search of entire tchester.org site, and detailed explanation of differences between google and beseen, to search page; jane added mccunn's link to pct page; added specific dates of journals and rearranged them in time order; split new links and pages into two pages, added missing new pages for this year in that page.

19 January 2001 jane added arroyo seco geology field trip page to nathist/geology and to links/15; added topozone link plus 9 other links for links/15; added bill qualls link for links/28, and indexed his pix for markham and sgp in pictures; corrected error in link for roy's hike 36 in pictures.

17 January 2001 added van stralen's bear study, linked from nathist/animals and bugs/bears; updated url for black bear ecology link in number of bears.

15 January 2001 added link to new seasons page for trails/millard; jane added links for nitrogen deposition effect on css to plants/index; ozone injury to trees to plants/index and analysis/index; mtn bike education to Field Guide/activities/mountain bicycling; added links/93 and 9 new links for this hike, 6 of which came from unindexed links; muted background color for "hikes with warnings" in regions.

14 January 2001 added seims evidence for prior population of black bears, from van stralen, to black bear numbers; corrected mm 3.57 to 3.52 per maxon for hike #11.

13 January 2001 added cones to nathist/animals and msc/volunteer orgs; an additional link to killer squirrels in nathist/animals; bad bug stories from elsewhere to bugs.

12 January 2001 added correct extra mileage and altitude gain for mile 3.57 trailhead for #11, thanks to matt maxon, and linked to his santa ana sucker page; added jpl trailbuilders brushing barley flats trail.

11 January 2001 jane updated trail conditions and places/sr2 for sr2 snow closure; updated url for SGM regional conservancy in msc/volunteer orgs.

10 January 2001 added plant list for plants listed in bloom id table, sorted by common name and by latin name; changed valle's creeking links to his main page at his request; finally put status of wildwood picnic area online after getting an answer from the anf office on 12/20, after first asking on 10/12!

4 January 2001 added more info on 1/2/01 cougar attack, updated statistics on attacks in north america, and advice against taking dogs into cougar areas.

3 January 2001 added 1/2/01 cougar attack in banff, thanks to an anonymous reader.

1 January 2001 minor updates to etrex analysis pages; added latest search no. of pages and words; fixed bad link to 26-1 in tchikes/1998; jane updated colors for table for trail coding for trails/chantry.

31 December 2000 added Accuracy of Tracks From a Garmin Etrex GPS Receiver: Measured Vs. Waypoints to analysis pages.

30 December 2000 added trails of chantry flat; mileages of chantry flat; analysis of topo accuracy for trails of chantry flat (not yet linked from hike tables)

27 December 2000 added fisher's reptile guide to nathist/animals; added elfin forest history link to history.

26 December 2000 updated trail and bug conditions with morse input and diminished number of snakes info; added lizzies trail in link to places/mt. wilson thanks to Michael Rudy; added jane to authorship of trail conditions.

25 December 2000 updated trail conditions; added trail runs near jpl to unindexed hikes.

23 December 2000 added "ode to poison oak" and poison oak treatment to varmints.

19 December 2000 jane added The California Reader's Chaparral: An Elfin Forest to plants/index and nathist / animals.

18 December 2000 added various news items from 10/14/00 onward; added big santa anita canyon can still be accessed by going up streambed, and 10/12/00 closure, to chantry flat; added ten year closures of charlton flat.

17 December 2000 changed thanks to "anonymous reader" to Rich Caruana, for finding the typo for the quantity "a" in refraction calculation.

10 December 2000 added update about fish canyon trail from David Czamanske; split latest update log into two pages.

9 December 2000 updated number of photos in calphotos, and added number of species, to plants/databases.

8 December 2000 added link to montrose sar in msc/sar; updated conditions.

28 November 2000 jane added yellow-legged frog page (formerly at old pas site; had been offline), linked from nathist/animals and news (updated previous link); jane added virginia tech's weed pages to plants/databases; added local streams, Southern California Fishing Hot Page to activities/fishing; city of azusa islip trip report to unindexed links; mcphees excerpt to nathist/geology; wolven's Bridge To Nowhere to 84.

27 November 2000 finally linked "SGM: numbers: animals" and "black bear numbers" to Field Guide / nathist/ animals.

24 November 2000 corrected a typo for the quantity "a" in refraction calculation, thanks to an anonymous reader.

23 November 2000 we added parker's plant photos and collins' desert plant photos, and updated urls for collins' chaparral pix, to plants/index/photos; jane added puente hills link to Field Guide/neighboring areas; added directions from stonyvale for #11 thanks to wain.

22 November 2000 jane added acton weatherstation link to conditions/weather.

16 November 2000 added tota98 and aalac00 update re parking at horse flat campgrounds, thanks to an anonymous reader, as well as to fees.

14 November 2000 added update page for schad's aalac; added chantry flat road rework plan, stone canyon trail improvement, sr39 fee change, crystal lake fee in tota98 update; updated books to refer to schad's new edition and give edition number for robinson; updated intro pages to refer to schad's new edition and the update page, and put schad and robinson on equal footing; added pink closure warning to #93 in regions/islip; updated #11 to give alternate trailheads and guidebook references; added pink closure warning to #48-3, and warning on the hike writeup page itself; updated fee page to give latest sr39 (thanks to john kaminski for telling me about this change) and crystal lake fee requirements.

13 November 2000 added TOTA updates and comparison pages with "TOTA" in lower case, since some robots can't distinguish between the two; added mt. harvard summit closure, stone canyon trail possible closure to tota updates; made new page for #34 with that info.

12 November 2000 jane added la river book link to books, natural history / animals, geography, and history; added closure of wildwood picnic area, and possibly stone canyon trail, to news, regions/tujunga and links for #11; added warning about possible closure of cow canyon saddle trailhead for sunset peak to regions/baldy; added "add an update to this site" on top of both main pages.

11 November 2000 added smasch link to plants/databases; added date to hartsfield's link for 57; indexed two of his pix; added gorp's 24 trails to unindexed hikes; pasadena audubon society's arroyo toad page to nathist/animals and news; added check on reindexing to search page.

10 November 2000 added new forest service #1 rule to protect ecosystems to news; updated baldy maps to include new sunset peak trailhead; added link to #58; corrected statistics from sunset peak hike addition in september; indexed forest service's #57 and #64 to links; added new fee expiration date to forest fees.

9 November 2000 added #57-2, and page on 57 and 57-2, with links to hartsfield's writeup.

8 November 2000 we added D. Harrison's Lytle Creek Trek to unindexed hikes, and Anderson et al to geology.

5 November 2000 updated links to my new srp pages.

31 October 2000 updated 4 sgva links to sgwa links (their new url).

24 October 2000 we added latest on chantry flat road to news and places/chantry flat; added link to hale story and date of his first visit in mt. wilson timeline, thanks to pam gilman.

23 October 2000 added hadd link to bugs.

19 October 2000 added date 150' solar tower completed and links to 150' history page and 60' page, thanks to pam gilman; added statement to acknowledgments pages that some acknowledgments are placed in this update log; updated trail and bug conditions.

8 October 2000 added lat article reference on mt. wilson to places/mt. wilson; mckinney article on shoemaker canyon road to 83.5 links.

7 October 2000 added killer squirrels link and pix of bear poop to bugs.

3 October 2000 updated url for other audubon chapters in family hikes, msc/volunteer/wildlife orgs.

2 October 2000 updated url for pasadena audubon webpage links in 9 pages; removed link to bird walk reports for eaton canyon, since the page no longer exists.

1 October 2000 requested search reindexing weekly on sundays at 3:30 a.m.

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