Plants Blooming Now in the San Gabriel Mountains

See Observations of Plants Blooming With Locations for the very latest observations, since we try to update that page immediately after each SGM hike. In this page, at the end of each month, we summarize all our observations to produce our best estimates of which plants are blooming currently.

Latest observations: December 20, Big Dalton Canyon (various trails), December 14, Mt. Lowe (Sunset Ridge from Millard Canyon) Fire Road to Sierra Saddle return via Sunset Trail, December 13, Eaton Canyon

Plants in bloom in December:

Note that telegraph weed, tree tobacco and at least one of the species of sunflowers can be found in bloom nearly year-round.

Plants in Bloom in Previous Months of This Year

For date and location of the observations, see:

To identify an unknown plant, use the 2000 Bloom Identification Guide or 1999 Bloom Identification Guide, each giving a month-by-month record of when plants bloomed in the SGM.

Plant List for San Gabriel Mountains Bloom Identification Pages: Sort by Common Name or Latin Name

For general places to look for wildflowers, see Jane Strong's Wildflower Locations in the San Gabriel Mountains.

An analysis of the Number of Plants Blooming By Month In 1999.

Plants blooming now outside the SGM

Plants Blooming In The San Gabriel Mountains - 1997 and 1998 Observations

Also see Relation Of Culinary Plants To SGM Plants

Plants Blooming In Previous Months Of This Year In The San Gabriel Mountains

November observations: November 25, Chantry Flat to Mt. Zion

Plants in bloom:

October observations: October 25, San Gabriel Canyon Road, SR 39; October 22, Glendora Ridge Road; October 19, Angeles Crest Highway, La Cañada to Wrightwood

Plants in bloom:

September observations: September 21, Angeles Crest Highway (Charlton Flat) to Devil Peak; September 15, Angeles Crest Highway to Cortelyou Spring (just past Islip Saddle)

Plants in bloom:

August observations: August 30, Silver Moccasin Trail: Shortcut Saddle to Chilao; August 19, Kenyon De Vore Trail; August 3, Angeles Crest Highway to Vetter Mountain

Plants in bloom:

July observations: July 24, Angeles Crest Highway to Dawson Saddle; July 20, Angeles Crest Highway to Vetter Mountain; July 12, Angeles Crest Highway, Cloudburst Summit to Dorr Canyon (~6000 - 8000'); July 10, Upper Dark Canyon Trail to Grizzly Flats, Vasquez Creek (~3400') by Tom; July 10, Angeles Crest Highway, La Cañada to Three Points, Barley Flats Road, Sulfur Springs Road (3N17 and 5N04 plus hike to springs) all by Jane, except where noted.

Plants in bloom:

June observations: June 22, Old Logging road to just beyond Buckhorn Spring by Tom and Jane; June 19, Angeles Crest Highway, Three Points to Lightning Ridge by Jane; June 10, 15, and 22, Angeles Crest Highway to Vetter Mountain by Jane

Plants in bloom:

May observations: May 28, San Gabriel Canyon Road to South Mt. Hawkins by Jane; May 22, Big Tujunga Road, The Pines Picnic Area and Switzer's Picnic Area by Jane; May 17, Angeles Crest Highway to Three Points, Santa Clara Divide Road, Mt. Hillyer by Jane; May 15, Sunset Peak from the new trailhead by Tom and Jane; May 1, Angeles Forest Highway, Mt. Emma Road, Big Pines Highway by Jane

Plants in bloom:

April observations: April 27, Monrovia Canyon by Jane; April 25, Millard Canyon Waterfall Trail, April 25, Mt. Wilson Trail both by Tom; April 23, Angeles Crest Highway by Jane; April 19, Mt. Wilson Toll Road by Jane, 11 April, Mt. Wilson Trail by Tom; 10 April, Eaton Canyon, 7 April, SR2 to Islip Saddle both by Jane

Plants in bloom:

March observations: 16 Mar, Mt. Lowe East Trail, Mt. Lowe Fireroad, Sunset Ridge Trail, SR2, by Tom and Jane; 13 Mar, Eaton Canyon; 9 Mar, CCC Ridge off SR2; by Jane

Plants in bloom:

February observations: 26 Feb, Arroyo Seco to Niño, Jane; 24 Feb, Sam Merrill Trail, Jane; 22 Feb, Sunset Ridge Trail, Jane; 9 February, Arroyo Seco / El Prieto Canyon, Jane; 7 February, Big Tujunga Creek, Tom and Jane

Plants in bloom:

January observations: 4 January, Eaton Canyon, Jane

Plants in bloom:

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