Update Log for Angeles Mountain Plants Blooming and Bloom Identification Guide

This update log gives only the 2000 updates for the Plants Blooming and Bloom Identification Guide. See Update Log for Non-Bloom Pages for updates to other pages at this site.

25 December 2000 corrected few errors in observations, eliminated all but first occurrences of latin names.

24 December 2000 added observations for big dalton canyon.

14 December 2000 added observations for Mt. Lowe (Sunset Ridge) Fire Road, added twiggy wreath plant to white table

13 December 2000 added observations for Eaton Canyon

12 December 2000 moved alumroot to white table from red table, added pix; added "or pinifolia" to goldenbush

11 December 2000 updated bloom tables, plants in bloom

27 November 2000 corrected typo and added name for bladder senna in observations.

26 November 2000 we added 11/25 observations.

25 October 2000 jane added 10/25 observations.

22 October 2000 jane added 10/19 and 10/22 observations.

10 October 2000 we rearranged fall color links and added Table of Contents for page; added bloom observations from 9/21.

9 October 2000 jane added fall color links to plants blooming elsewhere.

15 September 2000 jane added 9/15/00 observations.

14 September 2000 updated bloom tables

13 September 2000 jane added latin name for vinegar weed to observations to distinguish it from other vinegar weeds.

10 September 2000 updated blooms; changed it to "last calendar month", with pointer to locations for latest.

8 September 2000 added 8/19 observations; corrected two typos in 8/30 observations.

7 September 2000 we added 8/3 and 8/30 observations; we split the observations page into two.

2 August 2000 jane updated all pages except observations, fixed small error in coding

24 July 2000 jane updated observations

21 July 2000 jane updated observations, tom reloaded all files ascii mode and updated blooms by color

17 July 2000 updated all pages for June except observations which was already current

13 July 2000 jane changed red monkeyflower to johnston's monkeyflower.

12 July 2000 changed unk 4' plant along dark canyon trail to cliff aster, updated name for buckhorn spring hike.

11 July 2000 we updated bloom observations.

31 May 2000

updated all pages

added latest observations: May 28, San Gabriel Canyon Road to South Mt. Hawkins by Jane; May 22, Big Tujunga Road, The Pines Picnic Area and Switzer's Picnic Area by Jane; May 17, Angeles Crest Highway to Three Points, Santa Clara Divide Road, Mt. Hillyer by Jane; May 15, Sunset Peak from the new trailhead by Tom and Jane; May 1, Angeles Forest Highway, Mt. Emma Road, Big Pines Highway by Jane

added white sweet clover, Melilotus alba
added short-lobed phacelia, Phacelia brachyloba
added squawbush, Rhus trilobata
added desert or cupleaf ceanothus, Ceanothus greggii
added muilla, Muilla maritima

added alumroot (coralbells) no pix - most people know what coralbells look like
did not add purplish-pink rockrose, cistus pupureus - no pix available

added fiddleneck, Amsinckia menziesii
added pumice hulsea, Hulsea vestita
deerweed, changed from sp to scoparius
mountain dandelion, added pix of Agoseris grandiflora
all references to silvermat lotus should be silverleaf lotus
pine goldenbush, added pine to linear

added giant-flowered phacelia, Phacelia grandiflora
added common phacelia, Phacelia distans
added picture for grape soda lupine, Lupinus excubitus var. austromontanus
added Chinese houses, Collinsia heterophylla
added desert sage, Salvia dorrii
added blue-eyed mary, Collinsia parviflora
separated foothill penstemon from showy penstemon
added the word "daisy" to fleabane
did not add Washoe phacelia, Phacelia curvipes - no pix available - looks like baby blue eyes or desert fivespot with white petals and purple spots on them, very short, less than 3"

23 May 2000 jane updated bloom observations.

18 May 2000 we updated bloom observations for sunset ridge hike on 5/15; jane updated it for ach and mt. hillyer on 5/17.

3 May 2000 added San Diego Natural History Museum's wildflower reports to blooms elsewhere.

1 May 2000

added latest observations: April 27, Monrovia Canyon by Jane; April 25, Millard Canyon Waterfall Trail, April 25, Mt. Wilson Trail both by Tom; April 23, Angeles Crest Highway by Jane; April 19, Mt. Wilson Toll Road by Jane

added new links for black locust and windmill pink under white, Bermuda buttercup and mountain dandelion under yellow, rockcress under purple

made new page for woodland star

added links to 1999 pages for id pages by color.

28 April 2000 we updated bloom observations.

22 April 2000 jane added blm, carrizon plain, SGM observations and cnps links to wildflowers blooming outside SGM; updated payne and srp links.

14 April 2000

added link for wishbone bush aka California four o'clock to Pink
updated blooms from Eaton Canyon and Mt. Wilson Trail thus completing full elevation range accessible now
added complete blooms along the trails descriptions to Observations

7 April 2000

added link for California Sycamore to red
updated April observations from SR2 to Islip
made page for Observations by Location for SGM

5 April 2000

added mcgrew's antelope valley poppy page to wildflowers blooming elsewhere.

18 March 2000

from 3/16 observations, added to bloom table:
beginning: sweet alyssum (?), tree poppy (angeles crest station)
full: mule fat(?)

17 March 2000

from 3/16 observations, added to bloom table:
beginning: castor bean (chaney trail), everlasting, h. ceanothus, maple (sunset ridge trail);
full: wild cucumber, chickweed, hillside gooseberry (sunset ridge trail), manzanita (angeles crest station)

14 March 2000

added bigberry manzanita (full), red-stem filaree and lupine sp. (beginning) seen on CCC Ridge and golden currant (full) seen at Eaton Canyon to blooms table

added Eaton Canyon and CCC Ridge to latest observations on plants blooming now

28 February 2000

updated pages with observations from Sunset Ridge 22 Feb, Sam Merrill 2 Feb and Arroyo Seco to Niño 26 Feb by Jane

added hillside gooseberry to white blooms, seen at Arroyo Seco, Sam Merrill and Sunset Ridge; added beggar-ticks to yellow blooms, seen at Arroyo Seco

beginning: hoaryleaf ceanothus at Sunset Ridge

full: chaparral currant, all three places

10 February 2000

updated pages with observations from Big Tujunga Creek and Arroyo Seco/ El Prieto Canyon

beginning: sweet alyssum, common chickweed, wild cucumber, everlasting, white nightshade, white sweetpea, sugar bush, fuchsia-flowered gooseberry, black mustard, California bay tree
full: mule fat, tree tobacco, arroyo willow, white alder

changed links for hoaryleaf ceanothus and arroyo willow
added link for California bush sunflower

16 January 2000

removed California poppy and alyssum from guides and those plus sunflower (Encelia californica) from Plants Blooming Now for January as a result of decision to specifically exclude blooms resulting from artifical irrigation

added note about this decision on id intro page

added a number of new links to blooms_elsewhere.

4 January 2000

added ashy-leaved buckwheat to pink, toyon to white, scale-broom to yellow

updated with 4 Jan observations from Eaton Canyon
Beginning: everlasting sp., California poppy, castor bean, black mustard, sunflower (Encelia californica)
Full: alyssum, cliff-aster, mule fat, tree tobacco
Ending: senecio, scale-broom, ashy-leaved buckwheat
Berries: toyon

2 January 2000

made new pages
combined cream and white blooms, combined yellow-green and green blooms
added one woody trunk section to white flowers
checked links, found many not working and procured new ones

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