Characteristics Of Five San Gabriel Mountains Species Of Arctostaphylos: Inflorescences, Bracts, Flowers, and Fruits

Speciesformnumber of branchesrachis [stem] surface rachis-branches length [nascent stage]
gabrielensisample, crowded at tips of axes4-7white-hairy5-20 mm, crowded
glandulosa spp. glaucomolliscrowded at tips of axes3-6white-hairy20-30 mm, +/- crowded
glaucadense, nodding (open)4-8glabrous to glandular20-30 mm, spreading
parryanadense, few-flowered3-5puberulent5-15 mm, crowded
patulaopen4-8golden, glistening, gland-tipped hairs15-30 mm, spreading

Specieslengthshape in general
excluding lower bracts
gabrielensis3-5 mmdeltoid; scale-like, keeled, foldedmarcescent [when withered not falling off], acuminate-subulate
glandulosa spp. glaucomollis3-5 mmnot folded, not keeled; middle and many lower bracts reducednot given
glauca2-6 mmlong, spreading, broadly ovate; scale-like; divaricate [spreading] exposing budsobtuse or subacute
parryana2-4 mmshort, deltoid; scale-like, keeledacuminate-subulate, +/- appressed; closely imbricated
patula4-6 mmdeltate; scale-like, keeledabruptly narrowed to long-acuminate, appressed-incurved

Lower Bracts
gabrielensis10-15 mmlance-linear to lanceolate
glandulosa spp. glaucomollis6-15 mmlanceolate to lance-ovate
glauca1-15 mmbroadly lanceolate
parryana5-10 mmlinear-acuminate
patula10-20 mmnarrowly lanceolate

Notes on bracts:

SpeciesFlowers Pedicels (flower stems, best checked on fruit)
bloom timecorolla colorcorolla lengthovary surface lengthsurface
gabrielensisApr-Maypink6.5 mmwhite-hairy 5-10 mmwhite-hairy
glandulosa spp. glaucomollisJan-Aprwhite6-8 mmwhite-hairy, not glandular 4-8 mm, upper pedicels exceeding bractswhite-hairy
glaucaDec-Marchwhite, some pink8-9 mmglandular 8-10 mmfinely glandular-bristly
parryanaMarch-Maywhite6-8 mmglabrous 4-9 mmglabrous
patulaMarch-May mostly pink, some white6.5 mglabrous 2-7 mmglabrous

gabrielensis8-14 mmsubsphericsparsely puberulentnot givenfused in depressed onion-like stone; sharply pitted in rugose [wrinkled], reticulate [net-veined] pattern in intervals between ribs, sometimes deeply lobed, or partly separable
glandulosa spp. glaucomollis6-10 mmdepressed globosehairy, smooth or finely glandular-bristly, stickyred brown+/- separable, ridged on back
glauca12-15 mmround or ovoidsticky; leathery, not mealybrownishfused, vertical seams; not pitted
parryana8-10 mmround (spheric) to ovoid, abruptly soft-pointedglabrousdark redfused, pitted in intervals between riblets
patula7-10 mmdepressed sphericglabrousdark chestnut brownseparable or partially fused

Other characteristics


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