Characteristics Of Five San Gabriel Mountains Species Of Arctostaphylos: Leaves

Speciescolortextureshapelengthwidthpetiole length
gabrielensisshiny, bright greensparsely puberulent, becoming glabrous [without hairs]elliptic to ovate2-4 cm1.5-2.5 cm5-8 mm
glandulosa ssp. glaucomollisdull light green, ( glaucous or grayish)puberulentelliptic to ovate2-4.5 cm1-2.5 cm5-10 mm
glaucadull, white-glaucouswithout hairsovate to round2.5-5 cm2-4 cm7-15 mm
parryanashiny, bright green or becoming glaucousglabrous or sparsely puberulentovate to elliptic1.5-5 cm1.5-2.5 cm5-15 mm
patulashiny, bright greenwithout hairsovate to round2.5-6 cm1.5-4 cm7-15 mm


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