Characteristics Of Five San Gabriel Mountains Species Of Arctostaphylos: Stems

Speciesform and shapeheightburl/no burlrooting from branchesbarktwigs
gabrielensiserect shrub1-2 mlarge, sphericnoreddish, smoothfinely tomentose
glandulosa ssp. glaucomolliserect shrub1-2.5 mlarge, wide, flat-toppednoreddish, smoothbristly; bristles long, white, not glandular
glaucaerect shrub, tree-like2-8+ mnoneno; except forma eremicola on desert slopes of SGM; often in pinyon-juniper woodlandsmooth, red-brownglabrous, glaucous
parryanalow to medium, mounding, spreading shrub1-2 mnone; except one local populationforming circular clones, rooting when buried smooth, dark red or red-brownfinely tomentose or puberulent
patulalow to medium, mounding, spreading shrub; often depressed by snow1-2 mnone in forma platyphylla [ours]; present in forma patulaforming circular clones, rooting when buried reddish, smoothglandular, to finely glandular-bristly; glands golden, glistening

Observation of hairs requires 10x magnfication

Other characteristics


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