Characteristics Of Five San Gabriel Mountains Species Of Arctostaphylos: Hairs

Observation of hairs requires 10x magnfication
gabrielensis tormentulose throughout
glandulosa ssp. glaucomollis eglandular [without glands] throughout; consistently hispid [rough with stiff or bristly hairs] to setose [clothed with bristles] or pilose [bearing soft and straight hairs] with long white hairs on twigs, petioles, rachises; bracts hispidociliate
glauca twigs, rachises, bracts glabrous [without hairs], glaucescent [becoming whitened with a bloom] in ours
parryana short-tormentulose [minutely covered with rather short, densely matted, soft white wool] or puberulent [minutely covered with short soft hair, downy, no glands]
patula distinctive golden glands on tips of hispidulous hairs, or glands sessile, on twigs, rachises, bracts

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