Characteristics Of Five San Gabriel Mountains Species Of Arctostaphylos: Location

Specieshabitatplant communityelevation range
specific locations
gabrielensisrare endemic; rocky gneissic outcrops; chaparral with A. glauca and Pinus coulteri?
1500 m
San Gabriel Mountains: Mill Creek Summit
glandulosa ssp. glaucomollisdry rocky slopes, ridgesconiferous forest2500-6000 feet
600-1800 m
San Gabriel Mountains: Mt. Zion Trail, Mt. Wilson, Echo Mountain, San Dimas Canyon, Crystal Lake
glaucacommon on dry, rocky slopeschaparralbelow 4500 feet
? m
San Gabriel Mountains; Big Tujunga Canyon, Arroyo Seco, Mt. Lowe, Millard Canyon, San Francisquito Canyon, west fork of San Gabriel River, Tanbark Flats
parryanadry, stony slopeschaparral, coniferous forest with Pinus jeffreyi4000-7500 feet
1200-2350 m
San Gabriel Mountains; Mt. Gleason, Buckhorn, Islip Saddle, South Fork Rock Creek, Cortelyou Spring
patulaopen, dry slopesconiferous forest5000-9000 feet
750-3350 m
San Gabriel Mountains; Mt. Baden-Powell, Mt. Baldy, Blue Ridge

We have begun a project to map the locations of these species. See Geographic Distribution of Arctostaphylos Species in the SGM.

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