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28 December 2001

California Poppy (Field Guide / plants / keys)

26 December 2001

Gymnosperms of Alta California (Field Guide / plants / unlabeled links)

21 December 2001

A Manual of California Vegetation by the California Native Plant Society

USDA Plants Database (plants / unlabeled links)

USDA - Plants - Image Gallery (plants / image db)

20 December 2001

Michael L. Charters' Blooming Plants of Southern California (plants / db)

Botanical Word Meanings and Name Derivations by Michael L. Charters (plants / unlabeled links)

11 December 2001

Native Conifers of North America - California Conifers by Nearctica (plants / keys / pines)

9 December 2001

Natureserve's San Gabriel Mountain Slender Salamander (Field Guide / animals / amphibians)

30 November 2001

Santa Rosa Mountains

27 November 2001

Forest Planning (2001-2002 Forest Plan Update) and many references contained therein (see update log for list)

24 November 2001

Colby Ranch (Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School) (places)

Wrightwood (places, conditions / current weather and cameras)

L.A. County Outdoor Science School: Wrightwood (places)

30 October 2001

Forest Roads (lists / numbering of roads and trails)

29 October 2001

Tanya Atwater's Plate tectonic animations (Field Guide / Geology)

Geology in the Los Padres National Forest (Field Guide / Geology)

22 October 2001

Effect of Dogs on Wildlife at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve (faq / dogs)

18 October 2001

The Collected Works of Jane Strong (Field Guide/ nathist)

Ron Lyons' Bug Walk Articles (Field Guide/ nathist / animals)

1 October 2001

Distribution Of Arundo Donax In Coastal Watersheds Of Southern California
Santa Margarita and San Luis Rey Watersheds Weed Management Area)
Los Angeles County Weed Management Area (all to plants / unlabeled links)

24 September 2001

Plants Of Upper Newport Bay (plants / databases)


Manroot (plants/climbers)


The USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory's Plant Species Life Form (Field Guide / plants / unlabeled links)

The USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory's Wildlife Species Life Form (Field Guide / animals)


Vascular Plant Image Gallery from Texas A & M University (Field Guide/plants/databases)


California Native Plant Society : San Gabriel Mountains Chapter (Field Guide/plants)


San Dimas Canyon.Net from the San Dimas Canyon Improvement Association (places; nathist/general)


Arroyo Seco to Switzer Falls (19Apr01), Bill Qualls. (links/15)


Total Escape's California Wildflowers (Field Guide/plants/plants blooming outside SGM.)


Amphibian Species Identification Guide (An Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in the United States and Canada from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center) (Field Guide / animals / amphibians)

Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key by Ronald Altig, Roy W. McDiarmid, Kimberly A. Nichols and Paul C. Ustach. (Field Guide / animals / amphibians)


Photo Key to Wildflowers of San Diego County and the Santa Rosa Plateau (plants/databases)


Big Santa Anita Canyon (Tina Pauro and Bill Wheeler) (places; places/chantry flat)

We Um Attaxxum Pack Station at Xoxamongna (Chantry Flat / Big Santa Anita Canyon Packstation) (places; places/chantry flat)


The Arroyo Seco Foundation (links/15; places)


CNPS Orange County Chapter Plant Lists (nathist/plants/databases)

Plant Communities Of The Transverse Ranges And Western Mojave Desert (nathist/plants/communities)


Dave and Shirley McCunn's Week 3: Cajon Pass to Little Jimmy Camp (trails/pct)

Dave and Shirley McCunn's Week 4: Little Jimmy Camp to Acton (trails/pct)


Eric Hovanitz's PCC Geology 1 Field Trip: Arroyo Seco (nathist/geology; #15)

Nine other new links in links for hike #15.

Bill Qualls' Our Hike to Idlehour to links/28.


Greg E. Van Stralen's Home Range Size and Habitat Use of Urban Black Bears in the San Gabriel Mountains (nathist/animals, conditions/bugs/bears)


Links for #93 contains 9 new links for this hike.

Nitrogen Deposition Effects on Coastal Sage Vegetation of Southern California (plants/index)

Ozone Injury to Trees in the Western United States (plants/index and analysis/index)

Mountain Bike Etiquette (a study of education on trail etiquette of mountain bicyclists) (Field Guide: activities: mountain bicycling)


Traffic Cone Preservation Society

Field Guide to Traffic Cones

Evolution of modern cones from ancient squids

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New Or Changed Pages


Kenyon DeVore Trail (trails)

Bear Creek Trail Conditions (hikes/San Gabriel River region/74)


Goldenbush Key (Field Guide / plants / keys)


Bats (Field Guide / animals)


Climbing Plants of the San Gabriel Mountains


Field Guide to the SGM: Lizards


Notes on the Wildflower Season in Southern California


Field Guide to the SGM: Amphibians


Links for hike #11

Description Of Carter's Trail Odometer


Links for hikes #56 and 56-2


Map of Places and Coordinates of Places (places)


Follows Camp (places)


Dog Attacks On People in the U.S. and Canada (lists)


Everlasting (plants/keys)


Most Common Plants Blooming


Home Range Size and Habitat Use of Urban Black Bears in the San Gabriel Mountains.


Links for hike #93 in the San Gabriel Mountains: Blue Ridge to Pine and Dawson Mtns. And Mount San Antonio Trail.


Plant List for San Gabriel Mountains Bloom Identification Pages: Sort By Common Name

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